Braunschweig christmas market starts already at 2 p.m

Braunschweig christmas market starts already at 2 p.m

When on Wednesday, 24. November, at 18 o'clock the Brunswick Christmas Market officially opens its doors, some things will be different than usual. Because it starts for the first time in its history in the Corona-mode – and that means: this time, thousands of people won't be waiting, as they always do, packed tightly for admission while the cathedral's brass ensemble, conducted by Witold Dulski, plays on the Burgplatz steps. The admission will be "soft" this time, according to the organizer, the Brunswick City marketing GmbH. The stalls are already open from 2 p.m. to avoid a mass rush, he said.

The devotion will be broadcast to the Christmas market via loudspeakers

The opening will then take place during the 5 p.m. service in the Cathedral with a limited number of participants and in the presence of Lord Mayor Thorsten Kornblum and Cathedral Preacher Cornelia Gotz. The devotion will be transmitted by loudspeaker to the Christmas market, it is said.

Many things will be different at this year's market. After a year of pandemic-related break, he invites to 29. December to around 8.000 square meters with 116 market stalls invites you to the Christmas festival to get in the mood, discover handmade gift ideas and enjoy Christmas and regional delicacies at the same time. Taking into account the state requirements for the organization of Christmas markets, the city marketing this year sets up four catering areas. For access, the 3G rule, as well as for the use of rides and the direct consumption of non-alcoholic beverages and food, which are also on offer outside the catering areas.

Braunschweig Christmas Market- commitment made for 123 stalls

In order to avoid accumulations, there will be no music program

Guests must show proof of vaccination, recovery or a current negative test result and an identification document at one of three stamp stations. There they receive a day-bound stamp that entitles them to use the offers for which the 3G rule applies. Outside the catering areas, however, a proof directly at the stand can be sufficient. Children and young people up to the age of 18 are exempt from the proof requirement. To avoid crowds, there will be no music program this year, says Gerald Leppa, managing director of Stadtmarketing GmbH.

The concept was a challenge to put in place, explained Stefan Franz, chairman of the Showmen's association Braunschweig, during a press conference. "The greatest difficulty was to reconcile the market character that we appreciate about the Braunschweig Christmas Market with the specifications of the state government." Of course it is a pity that such special offers as the Christmas market rafts are not possible this time.

Eleven new stalls are at the start

The showmen are at the start with "only" 116 stands. Still, 11 new ones are among them, Franz said, including 4 artisans, 3 bakery stalls and 1 snack bar. There has also been a change of operator. New on the market among other things: a gingerbread workshop, a stand with giftable spice mixtures, a stand with ox bratwurst, a stand with Kaiserschmarrn as well as a Black Forest distillery.

350 showmen had originally applied for the 150 booths, but then there were later still here and there cancellations, it was said. As to the reasons, Stefan Franz said that for many, such as the artisans, it had been difficult to order goods at short notice after the state had given the green light for Christmas markets rather late in the day. Other showmen operating multiple booths would have limited themselves to "core cities" in light of uncertain business. In addition, it is difficult to find personnel. This has always been the case. By Corona it has not become easier.

The market is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., market closing time is 24. and 25. December. Further information and dates are available at to find.