Building plans for schwarzen weg in fallersleben are in place

Building plans for schwarzen weg in fallersleben are in place

In the first step it concerns a multi-family dwelling with twelve Condominiums, in the second step around building possibilities in gardens of single-family house owners: The development plan "Am Schwarzen Weg" is to make Nachverdichtung in the Fallersleber east possible, the draft stands. On Thursday, the newly constituted building committee approved its public presentation.

The reason for the planning reorganization is that a Investor has acquired a plot of land to demolish the old buildings and build new ones. His plans are already quite concrete: They include twelve condominiums ranging from 94 to 185 square meters, as well as 24 car parking spaces.

This does not work without a development plan. The city council has designated the area "Am Schwarzen Weg" immediately somewhat larger, so that, as city building official Kai-Uwe Hirschheide explained to the building committee, an urban quarter can develop. "We want to densify."

Schwarzer Weg in Fallersleben: Condominiums and rear-joining houses

For example, Fallersleben residents who have a house in Schwarzen Weg could then allow their children to build in their backyard. As before, the Business remain permissible in the area. The city council only wants to exclude retail trade in order to protect the stores in Fallersleben.

According to the species protection report, there are Demolition certain buildings bats. Breeding birds were also discovered in the planning area. That's why there are plans to hang incubators elsewhere before work begins.

Councilman from Fallersleben warns against abuse of backyard development

As is so often the case, the left councillor Bastian Zimmermann was missing Social housing. City planning director Silke Lassig would find these at the black way however out of place. She expects that single-family homeowners will be more likely to find building opportunities for their Family would like to create.

Ralf Kruger (SPD) agreed with her: "I believe that this small building area is not necessarily suitable for social housing construction." The Fallersleben warned however against abuse with the Hinterliegerbebauung: He knows a property, on which in the meantime six Houses stand and 90 percent of the area is sealed.

"How does the city of Wolfsburg want to ensure that what we have in Development plans resolution, it is also adhered to?", asked Kruger. Casual had rather bad news for him: To the Building to speed up, the process was deregulated. The city administration can now only check building notices on a random basis.