Carla ahad, mayberg – strong talents in braunschweig

Carla ahad, mayberg - strong talents in braunschweig

The phrase of the evening came from Mayberg: "It feels like a school auditorium here," he confessed at his concert at the Brunsviga. How right he was. In front of him mainly high school graduates, in Corona-conform distance to each other, he himself on a Brunsviga stage, which actually radiates high school aura.

But that was all secondary. It was important to be able to play in front of an audience at all.

Under the somewhat unwieldy event name "Great new music you may not yet know," Mayberg was joined by Braunschweig's Carla Ahad and her band and, as "WelcomeToMalu," electro musicians Maik Scheling and Luca Diebold.

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Carla's single: "Berlin, why don't you want me?"

The Brunsviga was well filled, the 2G-Plus admission controls worked routinely and without long waiting times – by now one knows and accepts the procedure.

The local heroine made the start. Carla Ahad, a graduate of the Gauss School and now a student in Berlin, first played some of her German songs with her four-piece band. "Du willst mehr" and "Blick zuruck" already have their audience – they know each other from common Gauss school times. Then she switches to English, performing, among other things, her most successful piece to date, "Never let you go". Good voice, sovereign appearance – her star potential was already attested to her on TV. Later, a little extra surprise: she presented her new single "Berlin, why don't you want me", which was officially released the same evening.

Mayberg: slightly scatterbrained charm, cheeky grin

Cut and transition to Mayberg. His real name is Louis Raue, he comes from Kassel and lives in Leipzig. Tall, casual, acoustic guitar, rather melancholic songs. Plus a slightly scatterbrained charm, cheeky grin and a voice strongly reminiscent of French chansonniers. He can also play the guitar. Of course, that goes down well, and he audibly brought along many female fans who can sing along with some of his songs in their entirety. A lot of heartbreak ("Bleib doch," "Anomalie"), but also entertaining sarcasm. Strong applause, calls for an encore – and the impression that there is someone on stage who will be seen and heard more often in the future.

WelcomeToMalu lets dance

After a short break for rebuilding, a new cut: now it became danceable. Maik Scheling and Luca Diebold call their DJ project "WelcomeToMalu" and they immediately asked the audience to stand up and move with them. This hint was gratefully accepted and for the following half hour there was a club atmosphere instead of a school auditorium. The basses are not too heavy, the whole thing is not too loud – but just right to move along gently to spherical electronic sounds. The two good-humored musicians eagerly turned the knobs, bobbed the beat, the obligatory Mac-Book was of course also present.

This is relaxing and pleasing, this part of the evening went by much too fast. Much applause also for the two electronic musicians.

Good music, which one did not know yet, live performed in Corona times, that is already something. More of it, please.