Cdu party conference: the most important questions and answers

The CDU's digital national party conference began on Friday evening

  • On Saturday, the Christian Democrats elected a new leader – but the decision still has to be confirmed by postal vote
  • How was voted? Who won? We clarify the most important questions about the election
  • On the CDU Party Conference on Saturday, the delegates voted for Armin Laschet as the new party chairman. However, the election still has to be confirmed by postal vote. A face-to-face event was not possible due to the Corona pandemic, which is why the 33. Federal Party Congress of the CDU was held digitally for the first time.

    What happened at the Party conference, what was it about, and what did the delegates actually vote on? All important information about the Event.

    CDU party conference – when did it take place??

    Delegates met online on Friday, 15. January, and on Saturday, 16. December 2021. The party congress has already been Corona pandemic postponed.

    What is the schedule for the CDU party congress?

    The 33. CDU party conference started on Friday evening with an ecumenical devotion. This was followed by the speeches of the outgoing party chairmen Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and a greeting from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Also Secretary General Paul Ziemiak, Bavaria's Minister President Markus Soder and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addressed the delegates.

    On Saturday morning, the party continued directly with the election of the new party chairman. After short speeches by the candidates Armin Laschet, Friedrich Merz and Norbert Rottgen the delegates decided by digital vote who should be at the helm of the CDU in the future. The election of Armin Laschet is to be confirmed afterwards still by postal vote.

    In addition to other greetings, such as from Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and a report of the Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus were also elections to the federal executive committee on the program.

    CDU party conference – overview of proceedings

    program on Friday: opening of the party conference, farewell speech by Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, greetings from Angela Merkel

  • Elections on Friday: Board of the European People's Party (EPP), congresses of the EPP, member representatives, federal party court
  • Saturday's program: speeches by party chairmanship candidates, greetings, Farewell
  • Elections on Saturday: party chairman, five deputy chairmen, federal treasurer, seven members of the presidium, 26 members of the federal executive committee
  • How does the digital CDU party conference work??

    For the first time, the CDU's party conference was held entirely in the Internet instead of. "We broadcast live from the CDU studio in Berlin – and from there to living rooms across the country," the party wrote on its website. For the 1001 delegates, a "digital plenary hall" set up. The delegates received already four days before the meeting with a personal Access code Admission to this hall.

    On Saturday, they voted in their own "digital voting booth", which, according to the party, was secured by the "highest possible security standards".

    Premiere at the CDU: Chair to be elected digitally

    Cdu party conference: the most important questions and answers

    Who comes to the CDU party congress?

    The federal party conference brought together 1001 Delegates the CDU in a digital plenary hall. Of them 652 are men and 349 Women, the average age is 52 years. Most came from North Rhine-Westphalia (298) and Baden-Wurttemberg (153).

    What will be decided at the CDU party conference?

    The party conference is not just a date, but also a body – in fact, the highest body of the CDU. There the Basic policy guidelines decided. Every two years, the federal party conference elects the federal party chairman and his deputies, and every four years the secretary general.

    Kramp-Karrenbauer had already announced her retirement as party leader in February 2020. However, a party conference to elect her successor had to be postponed twice because of the Corona pandemic.

    Who can become party leader?

    CDU members, who want to run for the party chair must first find someone to nominate them. That can Federal Executive Board, be the federal committee, the executive boards of the federal associations, the state, district, county or foreign associations of the CDU. The proposal must be submitted to the CDU-Federal Executive Board enter.

    Candidates can also still be nominated at the party conference itself. Everyone voting delegates are entitled to make proposals. He or she can submit himself or herself, another delegate or a CDU member who is not a delegate to the party conference in writing to the Conference presidents to the election propose. At the party conference, delegates will then vote digitally and in code on the chairman by secret ballot.

    How exactly did the digital party conference work?

    The majority of delegates were at home or in the office during the digital party conference. Only the closest Leadership to elect Kramp-Karrenbauer, the three candidates Armin Laschet, Friedrich Merz and Norbert Rottgen, as well as Technicians and Security were present in the party conference studio on the Berlin exhibition grounds. The conference presidium was chaired by Secretary General Paul Ziemiak.

    The delegates first met on a public website at the address Because also Journalists were not admitted to the party conference studio due to the Corona pandemic, they were able to visit there just like the rest of the Public online to follow the speeches and decisions.

    Through a second website, the delegates came to a virtual Workplace, which was not open to the public. The link to this digital plenary hall and the data For the election, the participants have received in advance in a personal delegate box.

    So that nothing went wrong, there was already on 12. January a technical Rehearsal With all delegates, according to the CDU party conference website.

    Laschet and Spahn demonstrate unity ahead of CDU party conference

    Cdu party conference: the most important questions and answers

    How was the new CDU chairman elected?

    As the CDU delegates were unable to decide because of the Corona pandemic The delegates, who could not be present in person, ran the vote digitally from. However, the CDU spoke only of a "digital preselection".

    The digital Voting booth was on a third website. The CDU placed its trust in the service provider Gahrens + Battermann, who had already worked for the CDU at the party conference in Leipzig in 2019. The access data to the platform were handed over to the delegates analogously on a secure way. The IT solution used was certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). A double vote would not be possible, a multiple count of individual Votes excluded.

    The Election result was subsequently displayed in the digital plenary hall. To be legally on the safe side, there will then be another postal vote for the two winners of the digital ballot. Since not only the party chairmanship is being reassigned, but also the entire other party leadership, with the exception of Secretary General Ziemiak, the delegates will then have to elect several new members Ballot fill out.

    Who will be CDU leader? The three candidates at a glance

    Cdu party conference: the most important questions and answers

    When will the final election results be announced?

    The counting of the postal vote will take place on 22. January 2021 take place. The result is to be announced the same day.

    CDU party conference: Where will it be broadcast live??

    Several Television station broadcast the CDU party conference, including Phoenix and ZDF. The digital party conference was also broadcast live online on the CDU's websites.

    Cdu party conference: the most important questions and answers

    Merkel – am grateful for 18 years as CDU party leader

    Cdu party conference: the most important questions and answers

    Which candidates have applied for the CDU presidency?

    The CDU chairmanship is not just about the high office in the party – it also involves the question of who will hold the Succession of Chancellor Merkel could take. These three Candidates competed.

    Armin Laschet: The Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia is trying to chart a course "of measure and Center" to drive. Laschet, studied Lawyer, wants to Innovation of the CDU to achieve without breaking hard with Merkel. He could win the election, but must still be confirmed by postal vote.

  • Friedrich Merz: For Merz, the candidacy for party chair was already the second attempt. The polarizing Lawyer speaks rather that conservative He appeals to the CDU/CSU's clientele and calls for a "clear economic policy profile" for the party, which should be environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. Although he recently emphasized "no Break" with Merkel to want, but to clearly distance itself from the course of the Chancellor's. He reached the runoff together with Armin Laschet.
  • Norbert Rottgen: The former outsider Rottgen has caught up in the polls. Yet he was the first to drop out in the election. The 55-year-old gave himself as Renewer and demanded that the CDU not only female and younger, but also digital and more interesting must become. In addition, the party needs climate policy credibility. Read the interview here: Corona: Rottgen castigates "system failure" at schools
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