For the start of school: lower saxony plans vaccination campaign for children

For the start of school: lower saxony plans vaccination campaign for children

According to the new vote of Permanent Vaccination Commission (Stiko) to Corona inoculations for all children starting from twelve years Lower Saxony announced an inoculation action in the week of the school beginning. "We are currently planning with the vaccination centers in the 35. calendar week once again a very specific offer: Vaccination for Trainees, schoolgirls and schoolboys in the vaccination center, but also quite in other places," said the deputy head of the Corona crisis staff, Claudia Schroder, on Tuesday in Hanover.

"We are working on the fact that there will be an offer," said ministry spokesman Sebastian Schumacher on Friday in Hanover. People have a vested interest in ensuring that 12- to 17-year-olds receive an offer of vaccination, he said. Each pupil, who wants to be inoculated, is to receive also an offer in addition, communicates the Ministry on inquiry of our newspaper.

Family doctors and pediatricians could accompany action

"There are, for example, large School centers, where this can be offered, if the schools make premises available for this purpose within the scope of their house right."Responsible for the implementation would be the local vaccination center, accompanied by child, adolescent or Family doctors With experience in treating adolescents. By this Wednesday, the centers would provide their plans on dates and actions, said Schroder. These would then be published on the Internet from Thursday at the latest.

The Vaccination promotion campaign Government spokeswoman Anke Porksen added that the state's "Freedom Day" was deliberately aimed at young people. "But of course we are also addressing parents via the campaign website and the information available in eight languages."

Vaccination rate among young people in Lower Saxony: around 30 percent

In Lower Saxony Children and adolescents 12 years and older already since the middle of July at well half of the Vaccination centers of the country to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Schroder reported that almost one-third of 12- to 17-year-olds have already received the initial vaccination. "I ame that we can indeed now with the recommendation of the Permanent Vaccination Commission here again a whole series of other parents and young people also convince."

One could ame that up to the beginning of the school year all teachers and increasingly also schoolchildren vaccinated through are, explains deputy ministry spokesman Ulrich Schubert. Already about 80 percent of all teachers are fully vaccinated, he said. "It is our great endeavor, the new school year with Attendance classes for all to start and also to stay with it," Schubert emphasizes. "We have prepared ourselves and the schools intensively for this."

Things look more difficult in the Elementary schools from: "There the situation will remain tense, because a vaccination offer for under-12-year-olds is not foreseeable," explains Braunschweig city spokesman Adrian Foitzik. "For this reason, the expansion of Window ventilators The vaccination centers in Braunschweig would have priority in elementary and special schools, in order to achieve the greatest possible protective effect there in addition to regular testing."

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