How de maizière wants to secure compensation for terror victims

How de maizière wants to secure compensation for terror victims

Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) has specified his demand for compensation for victims of terrorism. "If someone has been the victim of a terrorist attack, there must be a right to compensation. And regardless of the specific case and regardless of whether government agencies have made mistakes or not," de Maizière told this editorial team. "I will advocate for a new regulation to come into force retroactively so that the relatives of the victims of Breitscheidplatz can also claim it."

The attack on the Christmas market in Berlin a year ago had shown that the law "fundamentally needs to be revised". Regarding the criticism of many relatives who feel badly treated by state authorities, the minister noted that the Federal President had spoken to them very early on. The chancellor had repeatedly inquired about the status of the proceedings "and invited the bereaved families to a meeting even before the open letter".

In the discussion on victim compensation, Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) called for the proposals to be implemented quickly. "The federal government must not leave the injured and survivors of an attack alone," he told this editi.

The Greens are also pushing for swift action

"We are convinced that we must finally break with the principle of symbolic political substitute actions and live parliamentary initiated a new error and responsibility culture," said the party's interior expert, Konstantin von Notz, to this editorial office. The fact that the victims of the attack in Berlin are now being helped with a reform of victim compensation is overdue.

"We called for such a reform shortly after the attack," says von Notz. Currently, the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag are also debating what goals an investigative committee at the federal level should pursue. Both the Union and the Greens have drafted a motion for a committee. Actually, the Union faction wanted to present its application already this week in the plenum, it says in several places.

Greens: committee must also investigate role of chancellery

Now a committee will not be discussed until January in the Bundestag. Because the SPD and the Greens, as well as the Left Party and the AfD, apparently have their own ideas about with whom and about what should be discussed in this investigative committee. CDU interior expert Stephan Harbarth told this editorial: The Union wants to learn lessons for the powers, organization and cooperation of the federal and state security authorities. One focus of the Union's motion is also the focus on the right of asylum and the control of migrants entering from the subject of investigation in the committee – Amri had come to Germany via Italy in 2015.

The Greens, on the other hand, are putting the focus of an investigation in the Bundestag on the role of informants of the security authorities in the Islamist scene and their possible contact with the assassin. A committee should "not stop at the door of the chancellor's office," Irene Mihalic, the Greens' expert on internal affairs, told this editorial team. And the left-wing faction also takes a "special look" at "what and when possibly V-persons of Verfangsschutz and police knew about attack plans," said interior expert of the left, Martina Renner, to this editorial office.