Insurance company praises in schoppenstedt 20.000 euro reward from

Insurance company praises in schoppenstedt 20.000 euro reward from

After the devastating large-scale fire in a former Residence in Schoppenstedt, where Old tires were stored up to the ceiling, the public prosecutor and the police are of the opinion that arson could be considered as the cause of the fire. The affected insurance company praises for tips that help to clarify the Arson lead, in the event of a legally binding conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators, a reward in the amount of 20.000 euros from. The police Wolfenbuttel communicates.

Firefighters had to force open the house and found hundreds of burning old tires

In mid-October, at around 3 a.m., a building in the street "Schwarzer Weg" in Schoppenstedt was in Brand advised. Firefighters had to force their way into the house at the time. When firefighters investigated the situation, they found that the house was stuffed to the ceiling with old tires. The fire spread quickly and spread to the back of the building, in front of which there was also a fire in the outside area Hoops were stored.

The tires were probably going to be shipped to the Dominican Republic

The old tires were reportedly destined for resale to South American and African countries. Supposedly, the burned tires were supposed to be put into the Dominican Republic be delivered.

The high reward that has now been offered is to be paid out when a final verdict is reached legally binding verdict is available. The Wolfenbuttel police will accept any tips: (05331) 9330.