Jens soring: what is particularly overwhelming after 33 years of imprisonment

Jens soring: what is particularly overwhelming after 33 years of imprisonment

The numbers will Jens Soring never forgotten: he spent 33 years, six months and 25 days in prison, most of it in the USA. Sentenced to two "life sentences" for the murder of the parents of his then girlfriend. Out of naivety, he, the German diplomat's son, made a confession to protect his girlfriend, Soring says. The fact that he had recanted it did not help him to. Under public prere, Soring (55) was then released on parole in November 2019 and deported to Germany. In his book "Return to Life" he now writes about his first year in freedom.

The fact that he was released keeps Soring today for "a silent confession of innocence". Because: "Anyone who knows anything about the American justice system knows that people who have been sentenced to life in prison very, very rarely get out," he told our editorial staff. Politicians and celebrities like the bestselling author John Grisham and many other people in Germany and the USA had campaigned for decades for his release. Soring: "Without them, I wouldn't have made it."

Overcharged at the bakery

After his Freilang he has found shelter with a host family in Hamburg found. He is doing well now, but it was not easy to gain a foothold. "I wake up happy every day and go to bed happy every day," he says. But everyday life has not been easy. Especially in the beginning, the decisions he had to make on a day-to-day basis would have overwhelmed him. "At the sausage counter, at the bakery, in the supermarket: always and everywhere you have to make choices."

In his book "Return to life" It is also about life in prison, about the brutal cooperation between the inmates and the fact that he escaped a rape only by a lot of luck. All these had not led to the fact that he in Therapy Is. He told the news magazine "Der Spiegel": "I'm good at managing my emotions." But still needs help with daily living. And even if it's just advice on how to book a plane ticket.

Young he was when his life went off the rails: At 19, he confessed to killing his girlfriend's parents Elizabeth Haysom to have murdered. With the statement he wanted to help her. Both were caught in London after a joint escape, she was later convicted of accessory to murder. "I acted with the best of intentions. I thought I could save someone I loved from the death penalty by making a false confession. So I destroyed my own life."

No studies, no job and no family to support him

Today his struggle is to find a normal Life to lead. He would also like to have children. "Of course! That would be nice. But I am now 55 years old. Unfortunately, I'm not Mick Jagger, who became a father for the eighth time at age 73. However, I have to earn money before I can start a family. I don't have any savings, I never paid into the pension fund, I don't receive Hartz IV and I don't have any family to support me anymore."Since he also has no degree and no professional training, it will be difficult to.

But he has ideas Money can earn: "As a writer and speaker." He wants to tell people "that the impossible is possible. Like mine. Because until the last minute, hardly anyone thought I would ever leave prison alive."

Whether a legally convicted double murderer will ever get back on his feet properly? "In the United States, I'm sure it would be much more difficult. But here in Germany, society is more tolerant. I think it is at least possible that people will give me a chance."