Lindenbergsiedlung – the “garden of remembrance” is ready to be built

Lindenbergsiedlung - the 'garden of remembrance' is ready to be built

The "Garden of Remembrance" near Roseliesstrabe (Lindenbergsiedlung) can now be realized. The resident, who had filed a lawsuit against the city's plans before the administrative court, withdrew his complaint during the oral hearing on Thursday.

The city administration announced yesterday that it would now implement the resolution passed unanimously by the city council last September to create the "Garden of Remembrance". Beforehand, as announced, she will seek dialogue with residents and political representatives to explain the details of the project once again on site.

A political ie with a long history. For background: the Council had unanimously brought the garden on the way, which is to be built on the site of the former Roselies barracks. The name Roselies is a symbol of war crimes in Belgium with Braunschweig involvement.

The garden is intended to be a visible sign of the ongoing reconciliation between the former wartime enemies and to breathe life into the commemorative partnership with the Belgian community of Aiseau-Presles (once Roselies), which was initiated by Lord Mayor Ulrich Markurth.

However, a resident had filed a complaint against the location of the garden at the administrative court after the council decision, because children could then no longer play soccer there.

BIBS councillor Peter Rosenbaum had brought the inglorious wartime story to public attention a few years ago, sparking a sometimes heated discussion about how to deal with the past.

Braunschweig's local politicians agreed in September that in the midst of the young development area with its many families with children, there should be no pathetic, melancholy reappraisal of the past, but that factual clarification should be possible through an information board.