New corona ordinance: christmas market in peine is canceled

New corona ordinance: christmas market in peine is canceled

So now after all – not. The traditional Christmas market on the historic market square in Peine – many had been looking forward to it again this year after last year's cancellation – has been canceled again. This was announced by the Peine Marketing GmbH on Wednesday. But it should still be christmassy in the city center.

"The state of Lower Saxony has once again tightened the Corona rules in response to rising hospitalization rates and high incidences," reads Wednesday's announcement from Peine Marketing.

The new regulations

So the new warning level concept sets new limits. The overview: Warning level 1 comes into effect for the 7-day hospitalization incidence from a value of 3 (previously 6). Warning level 2 now applies from a hospitalization incidence that is higher than 6, warning level 3 then at a value greater than 9.

According to Peine Marketing, this means in concrete terms: at all events and at the Christmas markets, warning level 1 applies statewide 2G, in addition, a general mask obligation, which also applies to children under 18 years of age. The mask may only be removed briefly for eating.

With certified test result

From warning level 2 onwards, 2G plus applies – this means that only vaccinated and recovered persons with a certified test result are allowed to use the catering stands and rides after a check-up.

If the hospitalization rate exceeds the value 6 takes warning level 2. Lower Saxony-wide, the value on Wednesday was already at 6.3.

Decision cannot be postponed

Peine's mayor Klaus Saemann is quoted: "We had to make a decision now, also after consultation with the district and the health department – the situation has worsened massively in recent days. Intensive care units are sounding the alarm throughout Germany, and the incidence is also rising rapidly in Peine. Our task is to protect the people who live here. Sanity and health have top priority in these difficult times."

"2G plus is no longer realistic"

Saemann further to the time prere: "We can also not wait longer with this decision. Having to close the Christmas market after the start in a few days is not an alternative – this was not foreseeable at the end of last week. 2G instead of 3G we would have still managed, we have aligned our concept to it. 2G plus is no longer realistic."

A major reason for the tightening of regulations is the number of hospitalizations of Corona sufferers, according to Peine Marketing. The hospitalization incidence in Lower Saxony has been increasing for days. This value expresses how many patients are hospitalized per 100.000 inhabitants during the past seven days with a proven infection newly came to the hospital. The percentage of intensive care beds in Lower Saxony occupied by Covid 19 patients is also taken into account here.

Alternative idea for Peine

Anja Barlen-Herbig, Managing Director of Peine Marketing GmbH, explains: "We know how important a Christmas market, which normally brings life to the city, is for the traders and restaurateurs. That's why we're currently working on other ideas to bring an Advent atmosphere to the city center."

A Christmas market of the second warning level with 2G plus and mask obligation, also for children, could not become a nice Advent experience. Very well, however, in view of the increasing Corona numbers to a danger for all.

A straightened out concept

Alternatively, we could imagine an equalized Christmas concept – a kind of Christmas city. Several stalls with roasted almonds, lard cakes and other Christmas delicacies and handicrafts could be set up in the entire pedestrian zone via individual special uses (no stalls serving alcohol). On the market place carousel and railroad could stand – and more than hundred firs are to decorate the pedestrian precinct.

On inquiry of our newspaper it was said that from the approximately 20 stall operators planned on the market 8 for the "Christmas city" with the distribution of the stalls in the city center had ared.

Topic recourse

Some showmen, to whom there is a very good connection, would have already had a queasy feeling. All had been asked whether they participate in the Christmas city. Ten places are possible for it at most. Recourse claims due to the renewed cancellation of the Christmas market would not come to Peine Marketing or the city. The latter come to the stall operators. Who participates in the Christmas city, would not have to pay a special use fee.

Crowds could be avoided with the alternative Christmas Town and distance and hygiene regulations could be observed. In addition, Christmas promotions with the stores in the city center are planned.

"At the stalls directly, the 2G-plus rule also applies from warning level 2, but in the city center people can move freely. Also, the glow of the Christmas lights will provide an Advent atmosphere and frame the Christmas shopping in an atmospheric way," the statement continues.

Peine not alone with cancellation

The city of Peine follows suit with its renewed cancellation of the Christmas market. The street festival in Vechelde (planned for Saturday), the Bortfeld, the Zweidorf or the HGV Christmas market in Lengede have already been cancelled. arg