Paris hilton pregnant? Hotel heiress speaks out on rumors

Paris hilton pregnant? Hotel heiress speaks out on rumors

For years, at irregular intervals, there has always been the same rumor about Paris Hilton. If the 40-year-old wears rather airy clothes instead of body-hugging bodycon dresses, it is often said: "Is Paris Hilton pregnant?" Most recently, the New York Post claimed to know from an exclusive source that she was a hotel heiress, DJane and businesswoman pregnant.

In her podcast "This is Paris" the U.S. American makes it clear that she is not currently expecting an offspring: "I'm not pregnant. Not yet. I'll wait until after the wedding. My dress is being made so I want to make sure it looks beautiful and fits perfectly." Since December, Hilton is with the 40-year-old investor Carter Reum Together. On 17. February – Hilton's birthday -, Reum had proposed to the hotel heiress.

Hilton attributes the recent pregnancy rumors to recent Paparazzi shots back, on which she can be seen with a lush cleavage. However, this is said to be due only to a push-up bra.

Hilton revealed to try in vitro fertilization

In February, however, Hilton had also revealed in a conversation with journalist Mara Schiavocampo that the couple in vitro fertilization so that I can have twins if I want to."In vitro fertilization involves removing the woman's eggs and fertilizing them with sperm in a test tube.