Rki: corona incidence rises earlier than last summer

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is alarmed: The Seven-Day Incidencesz rises earlier and faster so still in the summer of 2020. The value has on Friday the mark of 20 per 100.000 inhabitants.

And this despite the fact that around 53 percent of the German population now has full vaccination protection against the coronavirus. The new data, which refers to the time until 1. August refer, the RKI published in its latest weekly report. The overview of the current Infection situation.

Corona: Who gets infected now?

The rise in Case numbers has been registered by the institute since the beginning of July – especially in the age group 10 to 34 and increasingly also in the age groups up to 49 years old. A similar increase in incidence had also occurred last summer, but only five weeks later.

Corona: Where do people get infected?

The health offices can already no longer all Chains of infection track. In 42 percent of the cases transmitted in recent weeks, no information was available on the probable country of infection, it said.

In 12 percent of all cases, those affected probably contracted the disease abroad – the most affected, were travelers from Spain, followed by the Turkey and Croatia.

Covid-19: How badly do Corona-positive people get sick??

The proportion of infected people who have to be hospitalized or even treated with intensive care is also on the rise again. Values, however, are still at a low level.

Corona: which variant is responsible for the infections?

Delta variant is responsible for infection in 97 percent of cases, according to samples. Almost all other evidence is accounted for by the previously dominant mutant alpha (B.1.1.7). According to the data, the so-called lambda variant is playing out in Germany still no role..

Do the Corona vaccinations work?

The majority of corona cases recorded since February 2021 were unvaccinated, according to the RKI. It is "strongly recommended now to increase offers for vaccination against Covid-19 to take advantage of this opportunity," the report appeals.

The estimated Vaccine effectiveness gives the RKI with circa 88 per cent for the people between 18 and 59 years and with circa 87 per cent for the group starting from 60. A total of 8715 vaccine breakthroughs have been registered in Germany since February.