Sustainable consumption: lichtblick department store in wolfsburg

Sustainable consumption: lichtblick department store in wolfsburg

At the open house at the Lichtblick social department store, visitors were able to see the premises in the Heinrich Nordhoff Street explore, browse the store and grab bargains. In addition, the Wolfsburg Employment Society (WBG) provided information about offers and projects at the adventitious get-together in the backyard.

The longer clothing, Toys and Electrical appliances used, the smaller their ecological footprint. If you believe that not everything has to be new all the time and are enthusiastic about second-hand goods, Lichtblick is the place for you. The special Department store has had three goals from the start: First, donated items are sold cheaply to people who have a low income The store will also employ and integrate workers who would otherwise find it difficult to find a job. In addition, care is taken to ensure that usable items do not simply end up in the bulky waste, but are returned to the Recycling cycle be brought.

Lichtblick Managing Director: "We live sustainability"

"We live sustainability," said Thomas Lachmann, who has been running the Lichtblick for a year as a department manager at the WBG. "I'm happy about every part that we don't have to dispose of, but can still sell."About three-quarters of the things that are donated or disposed of by Lachmann's employees at Decluttering, with whom the municipal Service Provider Network are defined as still being recyclable, end up on sale.

"When it comes to clothing, we have to sort out quite a bit," Lachmann said during the tour. Passing by customers with well-stocked Shopping baskets strolled through the aisles. The offer is huge. From suits to onion pots, everything is included. The clientele is as diverse as the product range. "Department heads come to us to rummage and refugees for the equipment with Household goods", reports Lachmann.

Some people are looking for things that are no longer available in stores. Besides electronics, this also includes tableware. "Because I found a replacement for my broken pot here, I didn't have to buy a new service," reported Erika Holscher, who this time was only Christmas decorations in the basket has. On average, 600 items cross the counter every day. "The assortment often changes within hours," said Lachmann. "Some things are sold after five minutes. What is not gone after three months is disposed of."

More sales space has been available for clothing and co since the furniture hall in Borsigstrabe went into operation at the beginning of the year. This is how less furniture ends up in bulky waste.

"People send photo, we evaluate whether we can sell it and pick it up." The next building block on the way to becoming a social meeting place is the opening of an Bistros including a seating area and customer toilets.