The top duo moves in lonely circles

The top duo moves in lonely circles

Three match days before the end of the preliminary round, FSV Schoningen II and FC Schunter were already determined as participants in the promotion round in the soccer district league 2. A gripping battle broke out for the remaining two places, which will drag on into the new year due to match postponements.

FC Schunter

12 games, 28 points – the FC wanted to be in the mix at the front and is doing so. "Of course, we always want to improve further, but overall, we have little to reproach ourselves for. The two defeats against Schoningen were deserved, only our 3:3 against Nordkreis really annoys me because we gave the game away unnecessarily after leading 3:1," summarizes Schunter coach Julien Wossmann. In most of the other games, his team was convincing, not only in terms of play, but also with the individual class, for example of top scorer Dominik Claus (15 goals) or Steffen Bellina.

FSV Schoningen II

When the competition named the FSV reserve as a promotion contender before the season, Schoningen's new player-coach Christopher Peine still resisted it. "The team is practically completely new. We first have to see how quickly we play in," he said at the time. The answer: very quickly! The FSV reserve is the only unbeaten team in the entire district league, defeated in the top games Schunter each clearly with 5:1 and 4:1. The goal ratio of 46:9 is also that of a promotion favorite. "We didn't expect things to go so well right away, but of course we're happy about it," Peine said recently. Meanwhile, the draws against Supplingen, Danndorf and TSV Germania (each 1:1) also show that FSV II is not invulnerable.

TSV Danndorf

Also the Danndorfer belonged again with the favorite circle. The fact that they haven't quite found their rhythm yet this season was definitely also due to the absences: Goal scorers Jannik Fischer (11 goals) and Janik Niermann (5) have missed four and three games respectively so far, while player-coach Chris Kunau has even only been able to play in two games. With the victories against Supplingen (4:1) and Supplingenburg (9:0), the TSV brought themselves before the winter break, however, where it belongs: on a promotion round place. Whether he keeps that one will be seen in the make up games rescheduled for March 2022.

SpVg Supplingen

Last season the SpVg had 4 points from 8 games, this time they needed only two games for this yield. This was the basis for the Supplinger to be consistently in the top 4. After three defeats in a row, however, things have become very tight for coach Sascha Seefeld and his team: "If you consider how things went last season, we're on target in terms of points. We have taken a positive development, but just can not yet be happy about having reached the promotion round," said the coach. "In some games, like the one against Danndorf, we lacked efficiency, and sometimes we haven't yet managed to be fully motivated when it counts," he cites examples of improvement.

FC Nordkreis

North County is also still in the race for the top 4. However, coach Claudio Filice repeatedly emphasized during the preliminary round that the development of his very young team was his top priority. Before the last game, says Filice, "I will then look at the table, then we see what is still possible". What can be said, regardless of the placement at the end, already: The FC acts defensively, so to speak, significantly "older" than in front. With only ten goals conceded, Nordkreis has the second-best defense in the district league, "but we missed out on better results in many games because we missed chance after chance. We have to be more efficient in our finishing," the coach says.

TSV Germania Helmstedt

Like some other teams, the Helmstedter had to fight in the meantime with many failures. The 1:1 against Schoningen II on the opening day or the 4:1 win against Danndorf prove that more than 6th place would have been possible for them. The latter was followed by a 4-0 win against Supplingenburg, which gave TSV Germania another sniff of the promotion round. But the 1:5 at FC Schunter then eliminated the minimal chance.

TSV Supplingenburg

One point from twelve games – the review hurts. "The Corona time has really hurt us because many players have quit," says coach Julian Reimann. The TSV has also been plagued by injuries for months now. 12, 13, maximum 14 players – more was not possible on the match days. But: The TSV dragged itself through despite many rough defeats, only once it could not start. Respect is due to the last team. "The winter break will do us good. We will gather now again, the injured can cure themselves. And then we try to make the best of it in the new year," says Reimann.