This is how the 2017 federal election works: the election date

This is how the 2017 federal election works: the election date

The 19. German parliament will be held on 24. September elected – on a Sunday. 61.5 million eligible voters are called to cast their first and second votes. But does it always have to be a Sunday? Must the federal election take place in September? On what does the Election date From? And who determines the day? There are rules for setting the election date:

Normally, federal elections take place every four years. The deadlines for Bundestag elections are regulated by the Basic Law in Article 39, Paragraph 1. There it is stipulated in which time span the election date must be: at the earliest 46, at the latest 48 months after the beginning of the current legislative period.

Federal election must be held on Sunday or public holiday

The legislative period of the 18. The Bundestag began its constituent session on 22 December. October 2013. Thus the time frame 23. August to 22. October for the 2017 federal election.

By the way, the election day must be a Sunday or a holiday. The date will be determined by the President. This is what the Federal Election Act regulates in Section 16. In addition, the choice of date takes into account that the election date should not fall in main holiday periods, if possible.