Trouble over hitler resemblance: amazon changes the app logo

Only in January had Amazon presented its new app logo: a cardboard box bearing a quirky smile, plus a jagged blue adhesive strip at the top edge of the package. However, the successor to the older symbol with a blue shopping cart triggered discussions – as it apparently aroused associations with Adolf Hitler.

In social media, the tape with jagged edges with the Hitler's mustache compared. A similarity that was also addressed by international media outlets. The British newspaper "The Sun" commented with a play on words: "You can't Nazi it" – meaning: "You can't miss it".

Some Amazon customers were also reminded of the YouTuber by the combination of blue tape and a grin Rezo – whose trademark is blue hair and a mischievous smile. Other viewers also saw a toothbrush in the jagged adhesive strip.

Amazon earns criticism – and adapts logo

Still, the company wanted to avoid the far more unfortunate association with the Nazi dictator obviously get rid of them as quickly as possible. Without a press release or other public statement, the app logo was stealthily changed again after not even two months.

The parcel tape with a jagged edge has been replaced by a folded tape end replaces. The new symbol may remind some Amazon customers of a Post-it – but according to Alex Hern, a journalist with British news site The Guardian, the shopping giant at least managed to make the logo "look less like Hitler".