Vfl: ginczek return to dortmund not ruled out

Vfl: ginczek return to dortmund not ruled out

That looked damn exhausting: Coach Bruno Labbadia knew no mercy with the professionals of VfL Wolfsburg on Thursday. Energy-sapping interval runs were on the agenda – and for "recovery" there was a casual run around the Allersee at the end of the unit. Accordingly, one or the other player looked taken when going into the cabin. But it all has its purpose.

These exercises, which demand everything from even well-trained professionals, are of course primarily about the physical, but the head also plays a big role. It is the fight against resistance, against the inner pig dog, which Labbadia wants to anchor with it with his players: "So that you also in the 85. Minute know that it goes."The 53-year-old's credo: "There can be no development without strain."

Of course, this approach is not always possible. In the league everyday life actually not at all. are suitable for this. "You can rarely do that," says Labbadia. "And you can not forget the recovery. Through it there is a great effect behind." That's why Wout Weghorst and Co get. now also first of all free. The still planned unit on Thursday afternoon was cancelled, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday no training is scheduled. The professionals do not have to be back on the training pitch until Monday afternoon.

Then Daniel Ginczek will also be involved again.The attacker is already taking part in team training after his ligament injury. The 27-year-old will also run an extra session on his own on Friday. Then it depends on the reaction, how the next days look like. "We'll see how he copes," explains Labbadia, who holds out the prospect of Ginczek being able to make a full start next week. Even the next game on 30. March in Dortmund is apparently not entirely unrealistic for the striker. "I can't answer that," Labbadia said when asked if the match at BVB was still too early. But who knows the VfL coach, who knows: He prefers to take no risks in these cases. All the lights would really have to be green for Ginczek to become an ie when he returns to his former club.

While many other Bundesliga clubs use the break for test matches, nothing of the sort is planned at VfL. The reason is comparatively banal: "We would have had to see if we could get eleven players together," says Labbadia, who recalls that the club's junior internationals are also on the road and that the U23s are challenged in the Regionalliga. It would therefore have been difficult to fill out the squad. "The risk was too big for us," explains the VfL coach.