Shaquanda miller-mccray's specialties: rebound and block

Shaquanda miller-mccray's specialties: rebound and block

Eintracht Braunschweig's officials like to let the imported players fly in together via a turnstile. And since the joint plane was delayed, Shaquanda Miller-McCray and Jordan Chavis realized during their wait that they know each other from previous duels. A high school all-star game as well as duels in the college division ties the Lionpride team, but the players were no longer even aware of it. Now the two new Americans of the Lowenrudel even live together, and Miller-McCray is the defensive anchor in the game of the second-division basketball team.

Great team, great team spirit – Shaquanda Miller-McCray raves about Lionpride

"I've never played in such a good team with such great cohesion," the 23-year-old is enthusiastic about her career move from Serbia to the Lionesses. In Novi Sad she completed her first season outside the USA. "Like in Braunschweig, there is a beautiful old town there," says Miller-McCray. But the pandemic naturally made things more difficult. She didn't really get to play as well as she did in the Blue and Yellow team on the Danube. At the Oker, however, she has found the perfect role. She still has to get used to the new environment, as she did at her previous station.

The 1.93-meter woman convinces with 7.2 rebounds on average. She anchors just under three of those on the offensive board, which might be one of the top marks in the league. And with her long arms, i.e. an impressive wingspan, she regularly blocks throws from opponents. Some don't even get rid of their shot on the way to the basket against Miller-McCray. Ten rebounds she grabbed in Chemnitz, for example. In the important win at Rist Wedel there were nine.

'We see a lot of potential in Shaq'. She is already stabilizing us extremely well on the defensive end, and her character fits us very well. She's a great team player," says coach Christian Steinwerth, adding, "We believe we can develop her offensive game." Then she will be even more valuable for Eintracht. Because in the conclusion the values with 7.6 points per play with 53 per cent hit ratio are in order, but developable. "I'm going to be involved in Eintracht's offense like I've never been before, and I want to improve," Miller-McCray also knows which area of her game she needs to work on in particular.

Shaquanda Miller-McCray wants to do something for kids after her career is over

Eintracht's newcomer came to basketball early but in a roundabout way. She dribbled and threw to a small basket for the first time at the age of four and then decided to take up ballet and then hip-hop dance. "In seventh grade, I was approached by a teacher and then basketball really took off," recalls the Georgia State University graduate, who first studied sports management there and then turned to working with homeless children. In her senior year for Georgia State, she developed a desire to try professional basketball in Europe. Ranked third in her college division in blocks, she made a name for herself as a defensive specialist – as she does now in Lionesses kit. After her career, she hopes to earn her master's degree in psychology and, if necessary, start her own business counseling teens in that field.

As in Novi Sad and in college, Miller-McCray also plays in the Lion Pack with jersey number 30. "In a basketball movie, I was excited about the number 32, but it was not free in college. I took the closest one and now 30 is my favorite number," reveals Miller-McCray, who likes to spend her free time on the Play Station or exploring the Lion City.

Of course, she is also hoping for a visit. If the pandemic allows, her family plans to come to Brunswick this spring. Another reason for Miller-McCray to make it to the playoffs. In any case, a long season should not fail because of points against last-place finisher and league newcomer Bochum. After the slip in Chemnitz, however, Eintracht is warned and will also have to bring full energy against Bochum.