The execution of the 80s

The end of ambivalence: james gray’s reactionary mafia marche "we own the night"

New york, 1988. Bobby, the scion of a cop family, runs a hip brooklyn nightclub, albeit one with ties to the russian mafia. When the mob targets bobby’s father and brother, prodigal son bobby sacrifices his former life, returns home, and becomes a police v-man – at a high price. James grays "we own the night" is the symbolic execution of the hedonistic-individualistic values of the 80s. A tendentious mafia movie, which is neither cinematically nor in its message convincing, but furthermore propagates an arch-reactionary world view. If the wiesbaden film rating board does not want to abolish itself in the foreseeable future, it should not award such films the "rating of" .

The execution of the 80s

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Wire spoke act

Wire spoke act

Las palmas (e), 20. February 2015 – fruher hieb enduro: "gelandal motorcycle with low weight, long spring trails and a robust suspension". The engine power scratched in extreme cases at the 50-hp brand, but it has reached the spab in the grandfather and the sahara tour. Today, most of them under "enduro" understand a giant travel iron, much too unwieldy fur courses real bands. Like the suvs on the car market, they have been booming for years and the manufacturers bidding each other with ever new models. The youngest sensation in terms of travel enduro comes from ktm.

At the time reference class

Ironically, the easter-rich brand, whose slogan "ready to race" has brought her forward in the sports enduro and motocross area, brings a travel company to the market, which could become a mabboat in terms of performance, electronics and comfort.

With the 1190 adventure, ktm has been an impressive 150-horsepower bike at the start for two years, which hardly wan. Now the brand wants to show what’s going on. The 1290 super adventure is like the porsche cayenne turbo s among the motorcycles: incredible a lot of power, but thanks to chunky electronics lamb fram and subequem. Unless the driver lays down to explore his limits (almost always below the possibilities of the vehicle), then the device develops an incredible momentum. The 75-degree v2 engine with 1301 cm3 of the super adventure has piston in saucers dimensions and comes from the ktm 1290 super duke, which bears the potted names "the beast".

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Un world water report: pandemic reveals meaning of water

UN World Water Report: Pandemic reveals meaning of water

In the vital resource water, it has to be invested significantly more from the expert view. Although world politics have recognized the importance of water, it is called in the current world water report, which unesco has created on behalf of the united nations. But not enough consequences were drawn. It will be invested too little in water management infrastructure, water is wasted and dirty. The consequences of this policy, according to the report, also clearly the corona pandemic.

Two billion people without secure access to drinking water

The pandemic meeting worldwide the people mostly who lived in settlements or slums, writing the experts. People who are at home in these densely populated areas are often confronted with too few healthcare facilities, superfilled public transport and missing municipal services such as mullion disposal. Worldwide, after more than two billion people, the report has no access to secure drinking water. More than four billion people had no secure access to sanitar systems, more than three billion missing it on suitable hand hygiene devices.

Hand hygiene is aubert important to prevent the spread of pandemics such as covid-19. "Most households rely on the day-to-day work to keep their livelihood, and have no savings or financial buffers (…) to pay basic services such as water, sanitar supply and hygiene", it is called. Kenya’s government, for example, in the crisis instructed all water service providers to provide informal settlements and hazardous groups for three months for free with water.

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In the test: skoda fabia combi 1.2 tsi

Munich, 26. July 2016 – even in its first edition, the fabia was the exact opposite of funky. A straightforward type just, bells and whistles were never his thing. With the equipment line "monte carlo" skoda tries to loosen up the down-to-earth style a bit, which looks like the combination of a pair of colorful shoes with a dark gray double-breasted suit including a dark gray tie. The fabia combi does not deserve this, as it has won over many buyers with its stylish appearance.

Good use of space

The equipment does not change the basic quality of the car. Like the larger octavia and superb station wagons, the fabia is a car that offers very good use of space. At 4.26 m, it is almost as long as the current vw golf to the millimeter. It offers 380 liters of luggage space, the fabia station wagon 530, if no spare wheel is ordered. But even with this tire, skoda claims 505 liters, surpassing even a current opel astra sports tourer. Clearly, the fabia combi makes a lot out of its limited possibilities. The skoda surpasses the astra in other respects as well. The variable loading floor, which is currently not available for the opel station wagon, always costs an extra 140 euros in the fabia, but can be operated with a flick of the wrist. In addition, the carpet is easy to clean.

It’s also clear that skoda can’t do magic. When it comes to passenger space, it quickly becomes clear that the fabia is a small car, albeit a comparatively coarse one. Long-legged drivers would like a wider adjustment range towards the rear. Since no one can sit in the rearmost position of the front seats in the rear anyway, skoda was able to free up the last few centimeters as well. Even more consequently, a sliding backseat bench solved the problem – it’s a pity that this is generally offered so rarely.

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Esa plans communication and navigation satellites around the moon

ESA plans communication and navigation satellites around the moon

The esa wants to span a communication and navigation network around the moon and has now commissioned two groups of companies to develop concepts for dafur. In view of various planned missions to the moon, the european space agency wants to make its contribution to the fact that it does not remain with one-time flights, but can be set up a permanent prasence on the moon.

If exploratory gates, spacecraft and other missions are no longer dependent on their own technique for position determination and communication with the earth, there was more space for other technology or the costs could be lensed, the esa buried the step. If the communication and position determination is provided, more esa member states can carry out their own missions.

So many possibilities

For years, the esa has called in the context of an initiative called "moonlight", what is particularly important for the art exploration of the moon. Satellite networks for communication with the earth and the location determination had switched out as a particularly priority. If such were in operation, space probes could land overall, telescopes are set up on the moon – even on the ground facing site. Esa even speculates via vr applications, where moon-rover could be controlled live from the earth. How to look like the existing satellite networks, two company groups should now work around the british company surrey satellite technology limited and to work around telespazio from italy.

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Short and fast

Online readers want info app

Actually, we all know it ourselves, because it is certainly true at first glance: online, we don’t want to read long and difficult texts on the screen, we just want to inform ourselves quickly. But is that all the wisdom?

According to a survey of 2,200 internet users conducted by jupiter communications about their reception of online news, at least everything seems to be quite clear: while more and more internet users are turning to online news for breaking news, they spend an average of only about 10 minutes there to get an overview of the news. Forty percent of people still watch tv to find out what’s new, but online news has already overtaken broadcast news (12 percent) and, of course, the slowly plodding newspapers (2 percent) in this respect.

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Bmw builds an electric car plant with great wall motor

Bmw and the chinese company great wall motor build a work in china a factory for e vehicles. Bmw will produce the mini electric there. About 3000 employees should be up to 160 after the start-up phase.Produce 000 vehicles per year. That made both companies on friday (29. Nov. 2019) known.

Both partners together invest together approximately 650 million. Euro (more than fun billion cny). The new joint venture gets the name "spotlight automotive limited".

The world’s largest market for electromobility …

The factory arises 2020 to 2022 in zhangjiagang in jiangsu province, after the 50:50 joint venture contract was signed in berlin in the summer of 2018. The agreement consists of production joint development battery electrical vehicles in the world’s largest market for electromobility.

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Bmw funfer: long version with plug-in hybrid presented

Bmw funfer: long version with plug-in hybrid presented

Munchen / shanghai (china), 8. April 2011 – since 2003, the bmw group and the chinese automakers are brilliance partner. On the automobile fair in shanghai (21. Until 28 april 2011), the joint company "bmw brilliance automotive" presents the prototype of a plug-in hybrid sedan.

In series from 2013

The vehicle is based on the long version of the funfer bmw, which is produced in shenyang for the chinese market. The prototype is still designed as a parallel hybrids, the scheduled series version should become a plug-in hybrid. The properties of the vehicle are based on the requirements of the chinese automotive market according to the manufacturer. Serial production should begin in china in china.

Details about the engine later

In the prototype, a 70 kw electric motor is combined with a 218 hp internal combustion engine that is charged by a bmw twinpower turbo. Which conventional engine is in the hybrids and what is planned for the series, bmw was not to be elicited before the fair in shanghai. In china, in the long funer so far only series six-cylinder gasoline tins are used with 2.5 and three liters of displacement. The top model is the 306 hp 535 li with turbocharged three-liter engine. The hybrid version presumes a smaller machine, maybe even a four-cylinder.

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Study on durren in europe: as dry as never before

Study on Durren in Europe: as dry as never before

The summer strays, which europe has experienced since 2015, were far more serious than in the approximately 2100 years before. This resulted in an international study, in the artist nature geoscience has been published. The scientists used a specific procedure for the analysis of tree rings and thus created a huge data set, which reflects the hydroclimatic conditions in central europe from the romance time to the present. The aufenhonen dry period is, according to the researchers on the climate change caused by people climate change.

More and more heat tote

Europe experienced extreme summer heat waves and milling in 2003, 2015 and 2018. The consequences had not only affected agriculture and forestry, but also let the number of heat notes up and writing the scientists. Actually had a study, the results of which in the journal the lancet were published, determined that alone in germany 2018 around 20.200 death trap at ober 65-year-old related heat stood.

"We are all of the heap of exercise and deliberately aware of dry summers, which we had in recent years", fits ulf mountains from the university of cambridge, first author of the current study, together. "But we needed precise reconstructions of historical conditions to see how these youngest extremes fail compared to early years." for this classification, nichtgen and his colleagues took more than 27.000 sets of tree rings of 147 oakes, which a period of 2100 years (75 v. Chr. Covered until 2018). The samples came from archaological remnants and historic building materials, but also of living tree from today’s czech republic and parts of the bavarian’s sudely.

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S – 4 hana: long-term favorable with power systems

S-4 Hana: Long-term favorable with power systems

From the beginning saps erp system s / 4 hana should be convinced by simplicity. However, this was not for the hardware, because initially mab-tailored appliances should serve as the basis with an intel processor. But this has now changed how berthold wesseler reports in the current ix 10/2020.

S / 4 hana sets suse linux enterprise server or red hat enterprise linux as operating system. These are not only running with intel, but also with power cpus. Customers can now use conventional systems with these processors. However, amds epyc remains in front, sap buried this with the intensive use of processor-specific instruction set extensions – correspondingly complex goods a port.

However, for s / 4 hana are now many hardware providers. This also includes zwolf power models. Put companies on them, they can save money in the long term, as though the hardware itself is more expensive, the total cost of operation is significantly lower.

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