Apple car: lg-magna as a finished for apple’s e-car in conversation

Apple Car: LG-Magna as a finished for Apple's e-car in conversation

Apple could have found a first handler for his planned electric car: a new joint venture from the electronics company lg and the easter-rich automotive supplier magna international is "very close" conclusion of contract with the iphone group, such as sudkorean media reports, the details were still negotiated.

The so far under the name "lg magna e-powertrain" competent corporate cooperation become an initial production of a first generation of the apple vehicle – still in relatively small stucco numbers, like the korea times calling on informed persons. Lg subsidiary have been part of apple’s supply chain and magna have been challenged in the prospect of wanting to carry out an order manufacturing of cars in a work in the us – apple’s home market.

Difficult search for a car contract manufacturer

For a long time, apple is supposed to be a job-ready for his car project, talking to classic car drawers seem to be in the sand: most recently, at the beginning of the year hyundai and nissan as producers for an apple car were in conversation, which is their share prices for their share prices. According to both car manufacturers, according to reports, however, to be degraded to the apple contract manufacturer.

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Extraanges thunderbolt 3-cable from apple

Extraanges Thunderbolt 3-cable from Apple

Current macs are standard with usb-c connections that allow thunderbolt-3 transfers. But so far, apple himself had only a short thunderbolt 3-cable on offer. With the standard effluent, a maximum of 0.8 meters could be brooded – although with the maximum flow rate of 40 gbit per second, but for coarse setups, that was simply too short. If you needed more cable freedom, you had to look for yourself otherwise in accessories.

Active string

How to remove the online loading of the mac manufacturer is now otherwise. For a few days a two-meter long variant of the thunderbolt 3 cable has been available for the first time, with which various peripherals can be controlled.

Braided by apple

In contrast to the standard variant with under one meter, the strip is active (internally uses an optical connection), thus containing components that ensure that the throughput speed is maintained over the entire cable length. For the first time, apple also uses braided nylon than hulle, which should not be too stiff and yet a tangle prevents.

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Content filter: “asian” and “teen” at apple not youth free

Apple’s integrated youth protection filter integrated youth protection filter is re-criticized: become on iphone and ipad "inappropriate content" blocked, then the operating system in the current version 14 still stops searching for terms like "asian" and according approximately also completely unprecedented search queries like "asian countries" (asian countries). Other "popular ethnic categories on pornographic websites" can be searched quite normal despite youth protection filters, like the newspaper the independs reported, including "arab", "korean" or "french".

Youth protection filters not very clever

That it corporations simply as well as "nsfw" (not safe for work – a warning for pornographic or extremely violent adult content) is simply aggressed, the non-profit organization said notyourporn against the independent – asian adolescents were finally noticeable if they have been online "completely innocent" implement search queries.

Other terms such as "teen" or "redhead" are sorted by apple’s content filters as a status and blocked the search result if the content limitations for web content on the screen time settings "non-youth free content" be set. "This website under google.De is a cranket and therefore can not be inflated", if the browser then shows as an explanation.

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Ar glacier of apple allegedly semitransparent

AR glacier of Apple allegedly semitransparent

It was allowed to be the central apple project of the coming years: augemented reality glasser, the look like a regular glasses. According to a current report of the information in the meantime, the group has managed to produce semitransparent lenses for such a device.

The lenses should be little thicker than regular spectacle glass. The central components should now be advanced from the prototype stage in cooperation with apple’s long-term finished foxconn from taiwan to a trial production.

Production lines

A single production line was now opened in the sudwest chinese chengdu according to the report. Otherwise ipads are produced here. The source of the information according to apples ar glasses, the lenses have already reached the engineering validation test stage (evt) in which thousands of units can be manufactured. The design is already available, in the evt stage is then checked if a mass production is possible as a privileged.

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Twitter surpasses expectations – stock rises

Twitter surpasses expectations - stock rises

The business at twitter is doing better than expected. The short message service surprised forecasts of analysts with its numbers for the past quarter and the view of the next few months. The stock rose to more than funf percent in the absorbors us trade on thursday.

Immenses growth

Sales of twitter grew by 74 percent year-on-year to just under 1.2 billion dollars (a good billion euros). On the market had been expected with a good billion. The service made first steps with his subscription product as an additional source of revenue in the past quarter. For the current quarter, twitter set up to 1.3 billion dollars sales in view.

The number of daily active users who can achieve twitter in his own apps or in the web version with advertising increased within three months from 199 to 206 million. At the same time, in the usa market, she went home well, where the half of the twitterless was generated, by a million to 37 million back. Twitter explained that, among other things, with a quieter news situation. At the beginning of january, the service had banished the then us president donald trump from the platform.

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Analyst: iphone has a billion user

Analyst: iPhone has a billion user

About 13 years after the start of the first apple smartphone, more than one billion iphones worldwide are active in use for the first time. This is from the estimation of a market researcher, which was published on tuesday. Not with countdown old-gerates.

After specifying apple, as early as january 2020, 1.5 billion apple devices are actively used, as highly because the proportion of iphones, the manufacturer did not share with. The sales mark of one billion iphones has exceeded apple in mid-2016. Worldwide, approximately eight billion smartphones are currently being used in accordance with the estimates of various market research companies.

Iphone paragraph slightly attracts

By 2015, the iphone paragraph was continuously increased to fall in 2016 three quarters in succession. After a stable phase of two years, the sale was then broke in early 2019 by around twelve percent. The iphone shaft recovered in the second half of the year 2019 and early 2020 before the corona pandemic made noticeable.

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Report: trial subscription for apple tv + are required

Apple has decided to extend its one-year apple tv + -probobo for builders of macs, iphones, ipads and apple tv boxes for three more months. This reports the apple blogger rene ritchie on twitter. According to its information, the trial phase does not run as expected at the end of october 2020, if you have started this directly at the start in november 2019. Instead, the subscription continues until the end of january 2020 for free.

Goodwill because of 2020

The goodwill shows apple according to ritchie due to the events of the year 2020. "Principle are free up to three months." father started trial phases are apparently also defining: who, for example, on 15. Completed november 2019, looks up to 15. February 2021 for free. Paying customers apparently also benefit: you should be reimbursed from november to february each month of the month, which lies in 5 us dollars (5 euros). Users are apparently getting codes that you can then use in the app store and other apple services.

Currently it is still unclear whether the offer applies worldwide or only in the us – however, it would be unusual when apple has made a restriction on its own service tv + here.

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Alternative trackpad folio for the ipad pro

Alternative trackpad folio for the iPad Pro

Anyone looking for an alternative to apple’s in-house magic keyboard for the ipad pro can now be found at logitech. The accessory specialist has introduced its own keyboard hull including trackpad for apple’s professional tablet with the folio touch, which are some advantages of the "original" has.

2018 and 2020 vintage usable

Currently only available in a variant for the ipad pro with 11 inches – whether a 12.9-inch version appears, initially unclear – the device is connected by means of apple’s proprietary smart connector interface. Therefore, the folio touch does not require its own battery, and a bluetooth connection does not have to be established. Compatible is the keyboard with ipad pro tablets from the years 2018 and 2020.

The folio touch is structured differently than the magic keyboard. So there is a separate stick to unfold to the ipad – it "hover" not. The kick stand can be adjusted at an angle of 40 degrees. The folio touch can be operated in four modes: "notebook"-mode, view mode (keyboard is below, for video z.B.), character mode (for work with the apple pencil) and in read mode (keyboard completely folded backwards).

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Airtags used for packet tracking

AIRTAGS used for packet tracking

Apple "where is?"-network – in english too "find my network" called – works with ultra-wideband and bluetooth technology. However, its real power is that it can use the countless apple gates that are in the world to find out the location. A british journalist and hobbyist has now demonstrated how this can be driven to the top: he used apple’s freshly received uwb tracker airtags to pursue a package.

Iphone network is wide

Kirk mcelhearn, who is, among other things, as a blogger for the anti-virus company intego tatig, describes the attempt as follows: he took the 11 grams of heavy airtag, stuck him to a card, put him in a small air cushion envelope and then sent the packing about one of the red mailbox of the royal mail on the journey. From a village in the nearby stratford-upon-avon in the west midlands it should go to sudlondon. Already in the mailbox, the pack was recorded correctly – and some later, after emptying, in the sorting center. "That’s the fact that either the post office staff picked up the post office and delivered to the sorting center, an iphone – or someone else in the sorting center."

Arrive in london

Then the pack made on the journey. Mcelhearn could pursue how it went to the nearby city and then north. Also in a gross post center in the south midlands it was tackled. Mcelhearn used a script to regularly screenshots of the "where is?"-to make app on the mac. He saw several stops in which the pack was welfare, until it finally reached a sorting center near the receptionist. Also with this self – an iphone owner – dear the airtag of course places.

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