“Little children come!”

An adaptation from "the human comody"

Around noon, a heavy snowstorm set in, steaming the sounds coming into my apartment from the festively lit gartnerplatz. The night before, against my better judgment, i had drunk one or two mugs of mulled wine with a shot, and the steamed noises were just what i needed. Carefully, so as not to shake my alcohol-soaked brain unnecessarily, i turned to the other side and pulled the blanket over my head, but after a while i could no longer ignore the blinking of a herd of reindeer that entered my bedroom with the icy air.

Angrily i kicked the blanket away and shuffled to the window. Even though i appreciated the christmas decorations on the shop windows and the shining lights, driving a herd of cloven-hoofed animals across the square was too much of a good thing. The view out of the window did not help to lift my spirits, because the perpetrators of the christmas rest was by no means a gathering of frightened, cute hoofed animals, but a demonstration of the "new german right". One of the neo-nazi parties, which like herpes simply could not be killed, had chosen gartnerplatz of all places to demonstrate its intolerance. The fact that almost the entire federal executive committee of the afd (the "anal-fixated germans", of a relatively young party that, apart from its remarkably appropriate name, had no program at all) had mingled with the history-forgetting wutburgers, did not make the sight any better.

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Read immediately, otherwise what happens!

The 11. September 2001 unleashed a whole series of chain letters. Their success is based on emotion, credulity and lack of information

Very popular were conspiracy theories. No sooner had the smoke cleared after the terrorist attacks in new york and washington than the first chain mails spread around the globe. Nostradamus, he said in one, had predicted the attacks hundreds of years ago, because he wrote: "die zwillinge, die auseinandergerissen werden/ die festung, die standhalt/ und wenn die grobe stadt in flammen liegt/ beginnt der dritte grobe krieg." that sounded sufficiently mysterious to ensure enormous circulation of the quatrain. The mail became even more mysterious by its date. The statement of the dubious prophet was sometimes dated 1654. The physician michael de nostre dame died however already 1566 in salon-de-craux.

There are several factors that enable the success of chain or avalanche mails. The most important is naivety, for example in the case of promised bonuses, which flutter into the house when forwarded by check (which the anonymous sender himself did not want to believe at first, until he actually received the money). The austrian side lucifer.At has done the math:

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Energy companies are controllable

The energy and climate week show: e.On knicks; it corporations and cebit discover the color grun for themselves

German energy policy is made of politicians or in the chief days of the energy companies? So happened on the last thursday in dusseldorf. The big german electricity supplier e.On broke out of the phalanx of the four coarse network operators (e.On, rwe, enbw, vattenfall).

During chancellor merkel nor in the morning in her speech on the ceremony for the 10th-year existence of the federal network agency, the rehearsed line declared, networks and power plant park of the large four were not separated, published e.On his euphemistic press declaration. The network should be sold and 4800 megawatt power plant performance is the same:

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Commentary on the world economic forum: fair of hypocrisy

Commentary on the world economic forum: fair of hypocrisy

Marching united. Bild: world economic forum / walter duerst

Die reichen und machtigen suchen rettung im ablasshandel

In davos versammeln sich zum weltwirtschaftsforum wieder einmal die reichen und machtigen, zumindest einige davon. Willkommen war auch der neue regierungschef von brasilien, jair bolsonaro, dem das wef eine buhne bot. Gut nachvollziehbar, denn bolsonaro, der die vergangene militardiktatur schatzt, will keine sozialen reformen, sondern mit der hilfe des militars und auch mit gewalt vor allem den wohlstand der reichen sichern. Das kommt vermutlich im publikum an.

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S – 4 hana: long-term favorable with power systems

S-4 Hana: Long-term favorable with power systems

From the beginning saps erp system s / 4 hana should be convinced by simplicity. However, this was not for the hardware, because initially mab-tailored appliances should serve as the basis with an intel processor. But this has now changed how berthold wesseler reports in the current ix 10/2020.

S / 4 hana sets suse linux enterprise server or red hat enterprise linux as operating system. These are not only running with intel, but also with power cpus. Customers can now use conventional systems with these processors. However, amds epyc remains in front, sap buried this with the intensive use of processor-specific instruction set extensions – correspondingly complex goods a port.

However, for s / 4 hana are now many hardware providers. This also includes zwolf power models. Put companies on them, they can save money in the long term, as though the hardware itself is more expensive, the total cost of operation is significantly lower.

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Crypto money on supercomputers schedified: australians condemned

Crypto money on supercomputers schedified: Australians condemned

A 34-year man has been sentenced to sydney because he has abused a supercomputer of the australian research center csiro dafur to skur crypto money. This informed the federal police of australia and explains that the man has already known in february for.

Through this guilty admission, he was able to expand a prison sentence – the detrimental penalty of 15 months was exposed to preservation. He has 300 working hours among other things. As a high-sided penalty for the offenses accused, ten years imprisonment had been possible.

Miner installed on supercomputers

The man worked in january and february 2018 as an it service provider for a catering of commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization (csiro), writes the australian it portal information age. The csiro is australia’s authority for industrial and scientific research. In his role, the man had access to servers and supercomputers in the system to do archive work and support. He used his rights but to install unauthorized software for cryptomining. Overall, he managed this way etherum and monero in the equivalent of almost 6000 euros, writes the information age.

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Contract worms for the mafia

Online crime is a booming business

The cliche of the good hacker with an idealistic ideology for the betterment of the world has outlived its usefulness. Also threatened with extinction is the type of virus and worm programmer who uses his creations to publicly denounce vulnerabilities in operating systems. Of course, there are still the script kiddies, who create websites just for a (misunderstood) sportive ambition "just for fun" want to bring under control. But the trend goes in another direction for a long time.

"Sporty" ambition and idealism are out. The scene is criminalizing itself. The greed for money reigns. Malicious programs are increasingly written with the intention of using them for criminal transactions on the internet. Phishing, pharming, spyware and trojans that turn home pcs into remote-controlled zombies are on the rise. The number and extent of worm and virus epidemics worldwide may have decreased in recent months; crime on the internet has increased significantly in recent years.

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Gamestop share rises 104 percent – buffett vice warns against excesses

Gamestop share rises 104 percent - Buffett vice warns against excesses

The excitement around the crisis video game handler gamestop does not end at the us financial market. After heavy losses in the pre-weeks, the share price of the us company, which had become the game ball of speculators, doubled on wednesday, without the right to make a clear reason to be apparent. In view of the state of us borsen, the long-term partner of the legendar’s star investor warren buffett, charlie munger, warned against excesses.

Fierce fluctuations

The vizechef of buffett’s investmentgesellschaft berkshire hathaway sees the youngest turbulence on the us financial market apparently with gross care. Kurskapriols as with the shares of gamestop are signs of a "irritating bubble", sometimes take a boses end, said the 97-year-olds on wednesday at the decree annual general meeting of the us media group daily journal corporation.

The shares of gamestop were exposed to the weekend for the weekend and ultimately concluded with a plus of 104 percent at almost $ 92. Sustainably, it continued with violent fluctuations, while the course shot up for another about 100 percent. The day before gamestop had announced the departure of financial chef jim bell, without calling a reason.

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America first or who benefits from the deal bayer-monsanto?

America first or who benefits from the bayer-monsanto deal?

The gross losses of monsanto could be profitably shifted to the germans

About 13.400 lawsuits are pending in the u.S. Against monsanto, the chemical company acquired by bayer; only three verdicts have been handed down; in the last one, the jury awarded two billion dollars in damages to the plaintiffs, who are suffering from cancer. The leverkusen-based company seems to be on the brink of collapse, its stock value has halved, the share price is plummeting, and the board of management has just been denied discharge at the stockholders’ meeting.

How long ceo werner baumann will be allowed to stay in his post is still in the stars, as is whether bayer will survive the purchase of monsanto. And then? Will the german government, which celebrated the takeover, consider the traditional german company – which emerged from ig farben – to be "too big to fail" and bail it out with billions of taxpayers’ money?

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The daily dose of human unkindness

Violent and shallow – the cultural environment continues to change

Feature films, like theater and literature, once told cognitive and emotional stories that broadened the subjective view. That’s the end of it – with the self-evident further exploitation on television, cinema is also becoming more banal and brutal, it seems.

Life circumstances, especially those in the workplace, and the media are two major drivers of social change. This is underpinned by technical developments that slowly, but in the long run, violently change everyday life. All three create a change that transforms people largely unnoticed, but permanently and quite irreversibly. Hardly anyone can imagine a world without cars, television or cell phones for more than a few seconds.

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