Fdp versus ukraine

fdp versus ukraine

The state of Ukraine and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in Germany do not seem to like each other very much at the moment

Wolfgang Kubicki, deputy chairman of the party, advised the Ukrainian ambassador Andrey Melnyk via Facebook that he should "Do not exceed the limits of due restraint", otherwise the diplomat could "Persona non grata" which drew a medium media coverage in Ukraine.

The background is the trouble around the Hamburg techno band Scooter. The band performed last Friday in Bakalava in the Russian-annexed Crimea and had previously entered the country via Moscow. According to Ukrainian law a criminal offense. In June, the Ukrainian diplomat had tried in vain to diade the band’s manager, Jens Thele, from this appearance. The band saw and sees their actions as strictly non-political service to the "Fanbase". Why the fanbase in Crimea of all places is served, not the one in Kursk, Murmansk or Pskov, however, remains in the dark.


Disturbances in the matrix

A weird interview with the "Deputy Defense Minister" the "Donetsk People’s Republic", while the propaganda war rages in Ukraine

A fighter of militia of the "Donbass Battalion" reported on Facebook early yesterday that in contrast to the soon to be announced victory over the separatists, the fighting had intensified again in the last few days. And he refers to the claim of the new head of the "Donetsk People’s Republic", Alexander Zakharchenko that 1200 new fighters trained in Russia to the "People’s Republic" had come. In addition, 30 tanks and 150 armored vehicles were expected, the latter had said, and also in the video message spoke of Ukrainian soldiers defecting and that militias and Ukrainian forces were also fighting each other. According to Itar-Tass, 17 Ukrainian soldiers apparently escaped into Russia on Saturday in the border area, and were then allowed to re-enter Ukraine at a secure border post.

Alexander Zakharchenko


Turkic justice congress: a new opposition

turkish justice congress: a new opposition

Screenshou from CHP-YouTube-Video

The Turkish opposition held a congress that was non-partisan and focused on the core problems of the state – and presented the results

There was one dominant theme in the pro-government Turkish press last week: the undershirt of opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu (CHP). Whole evenings of talk shows were devoted to the question of whether it was proper to appear in public in this way. The background: During the Justice March a few weeks ago, Kilicdaroglu loved to be photographed with his daughter at the breakfast table – wearing an undershirt. There was hardly a commentator who did not laugh at the play on words adalet (justice) – atlet (undershirt).


Still active despite ban

The skinheads Sachsische Schweiz have been running a militant right-wing fight for no-go areas for years – now the prosecutor’s office is investigating again

Just a few days after a demonstration against right-wing extremism in the region of Sachsische Schweiz (Pirna, Saxony’s gateway to the National Switzerland?), which was also threatened from the environment of the Skinheads Sachsische Schweiz (SSS), which has actually been banned since 2001, the public prosecutor’s office has again taken action against the far-right grouping SSS. 100 LKA officers simultaneously searched 29 apartments and offices of right-wing extremists in Saxony and Bavaria, seized evidence and arrested a right-wing extremist considered a co-founder of the SSS.

The so-called comradeship Skinheads Saxon Switzerland (SSS) has been active in Southeast Saxony since the end of 1997. Initially noted only by attentive observers of the neo-Nazi scene, the SSS soon gained supra-regional attention. The goal of the tightly hierarchically organized and paramilitary SSS was to rid Saxon Switzerland of foreigners and dissidents "to clean", from foreigners and dissenters as anything other than the implementation of the "nationally liberated zones" to understand.


Meeting with “the average reader” in court

The Regional Court of Dusseldorf is currently hearing two press law cases, which are in the long shadow of the German-Chilean Colonia Dignidad

In both cases, the founder of the evangelical Free People’s Mission e.V. in Krefeld, Ewald Frank. As "Affected" In the spirit of the Stolpe ruling, it has ied temporary restraining orders against freelance journalist Harald Neuber (Az. 12 O 478/11) and against the editor of the Rheinische Post, Dr. Sebastian Peters (Az. 12 O 473/11), obtained in several points. The plaintiff thinks that by choosing certain words, they were creating a false impression in the reader’s mind. The journalists had reported in different media about the proximity of former members of the Colonia Dignidad to the people mission. Neuber did it among other things here on Telepolis (Federal government wants to know nothing about Colonia Dignidad), Peters in the Rheinische Post.

Among other things, it is disputed whether or not the former vice-chief of Colonia Dignidad, Hartmut Hopp, and other former cult members who may have held leadership positions were on the premises of the People’s Mission. In a press release, Frank writes that it was not a matter of "Functionaries" acted, but around "Victims", who had suffered under the religious despotism of the now deceased cult leader Paul Schafer.


Misha’s iron hand

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is ruthlessly cracking down on the opposition, accusing it of collaborating with Russia

The sun was shining, marching music was playing, soldiers in modern uniforms marched across Rustaveli Prospekt on Thursday. They were followed by Hummer military jeeps and armored personnel carriers. At the end of the parade, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of independence of Georgia, light fighter planes thundered over the square in front of the Parliament. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Georgia’s independence, light fighter jets thundered over the square in front of the Georgian Parliament. President Mikhail Saakashvili, stood on the honorary tribune, his arm bent to the military grub.

Eleven hours earlier, the square had looked quite different. There were fogs of tranengas, demonstrators lay flat on the ground with their hands tied, many with bloody heads. The police was jolted from several sides with water cannons, tranengas and rubber bullets. The permit for the opposition rally expired at midnight. Within 15 minutes the square in front of the Parliament was brutally cleared.


The policy of the hard hand

Conversation with Stalin biographer Heinz-Dietrich Lowe on the political culture of leadership in Russia

"Comrade Stalin, after becoming General Secretary, concentrated immense power in his hands, and I am not convinced that he will always know how to make careful use of this power."

Whatever one thinks of Russia’s great revolutionary leader Vladimir I. Lenin may think, no one will accuse him of lack of knowledge of human nature. Comrade Stalin was not careful with his power, but mutated into one of the worst tyrannies and mass murderers that the 20th century has ever seen. The people who had to experience the twentieth century. This did only limited harm to his popularity, and today, more than 50 years after his death, it is still "Father Stalin" still high on the agenda of many Russians. Your President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, does not suspect that a new era of human rights and democratic reforms could dawn under his aegis.


Yellow vests: redeveloping the welfare state from the margins and the grass roots

yellow vests: redeveloping the welfare state from the margins and the base

Protests on 24. November 2018 in Paris. Photo Bernard Schmid

A new social contract is indispensable, demands the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Drian

With the Yellow Vests protests, the discussion is now heating up in France, as it did in Germany, about how a welfare state should be created early on 21. The first part of the story could look like this. The French Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Drian makes a start within the government. Given the serious moment that can be felt throughout the country, it is now essential to create a new social contract, Le Drian said.


Caucasian leachate

Once again the Georgian opposition is trying to throw President Mikhail Saakashvili out of the saddle with crude demonstrations. Police responded with trangas, rubber bullets and arrests

"Misha must leave", "This is not my president". With media attention and posters in English and Georgian, 6 protesters demonstrated over the weekend.000 people in the Georgian capital Tbilisi against President Mikhail Saakashvili.

On Sunday, clashes broke out between demonstrators and police at a rally in front of the Tbilisi Television Center. In the port city of Batumi, a demonstration against Saakashvili had already been dispersed by the police on Saturday. On Sunday night, the police stormed the office of the opposition party "People’s assembly" in the port city and arrested eleven people.


Federal army helicopter: government-to-government variant

Bundeswehr helicopter: government-to-government variant

The 100 AW169. Image © Leonardo

In its biggest investment in armaments since the Eurofighter, Austria is turning its back on Airbus, preferring to buy from Italy

In the late 1480s, the Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci drew a "Helix Pteron" – a propeller that was to fly on the same principle as the helicopters of today. These are produced, among others, by the Italian state-owned rustic company Leonardo. Its AW169M multi-role helicopter will be used in the future not only by the Italian Army, but also by the Austrian Armed Forces.