Cloud survey: amazon web services remains leading cloud provider

Cloud Survey: Amazon Web Services remains leading cloud provider

The coarse part of the commercial cloud customers use the services of several providers under which amazon is leading. That goes out of the first "state of cloud strategy survey" emerged, the results of the software provider hashicorp presented on wednesday. More than 3000 people involved in the survey worldwide. The questions range from the adaptation of the multi-cloud on the used cloud providers to data protection concerns.

Multi-cloud on the upswing

According to the survey, 76 percent multi-cloud users are 24 percent single-cloud users – the basic cloud use was therefore apparent prerequisite for participation. Coarse companies with over 5000 employees are clearly over the average with 90% multi-cloud use. For example, a survey participant cited by hashicorp said that certain cloud providers allowed experimenting with emerging technologies, while the company uses a different provider for the main burden.

As a common reason for the multi-cloud use, the respondents called the digital transformation (34%), behind it with 30% ranked the avoidance of vendor lock-in. Other answers pay, among other things, cost reduction, scaling or portability of data. On the other hand, a small role in multi-cloud adaptation plays the coronavirus pandemic: only 7 percent called them as a factor.

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Stack overflow survey: rust, typescript and python are developers darlings

Stack Overflow Survey: Rust, TypeScript and Python are developers darlings

For around 10 years, the developer forum stack overflow has been asking its users to pursue the current trends in the developer community. Now the operators of the forum have submitted the results of the latest survey, at which in february 2020 apparently good worldwide 65.000 developers participated. Of the "2020 developer survey" above all, illuminates the daily work of it specialists, the use of programming languages, teaches a mood of the industry and gives outlook into the future.

Rust, typescript and python are popular – vba and objective-c are not

To the undoubtedly most important tools of developers pay the programming languages. Under the participants stack-overflow survey, the preferences are clearly distributed: rust is by far the most popular language – their ascent has been awarded for a long time. Although the programming language developed at mozilla has briefly celebrated its fold birthday, it is considered to be a serious alternative to the languages established for decades c / c++. Rust scores in particular with safe storage management and avoiding race conditions, without pubes during performance. This makes it recommended under other for system-related and parallel software development.

Almost equal, but with a clear distance to rust, follow second place and three of the top 10 programming languages in the stack overflow survey typescript and python. During python also occupies top positions in comparable rankings and under the stack-overflow users unchallenged than the language is considered that most of them are interested in – even if they have not worked so far – the placement of microsoft’s typescript is rather surprised. The makers behind the study still good reason for the rising popularity of typesscript: that microsoft is always more obvious the open source movement, creates trust on the part of the developers.

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Microsoft: data of european companies and agitators remain on eu servers

Microsoft: Data of European companies and agitators remain on EU servers

Microsoft reacts to privacy concerns in europe and wants to save and process data from some european customers in the eu. This should ensure that the european data protection basic ordinance intervenes when replacing data. "We will not post your data outside the eu", customer microsoft prasident brad smith on a blog entry.

Background: the data transfer between the eu and the us can be legally risky. The reason for this is ineffective privacy-shield and safe-harbor agreements. These were the main legal bases for the data transfer, which the european court of justice has now tilted. There are not new legal bases yet. The us government under prasident joe biden has recently been opened to delay with the eu a new comprehensive privacy agreement.

Data from private users are not protected

The new service only applies to microsoft customers from companies and public administration. This should be used to use all data created with azure, microsoft 365, microsoft office, microsoft teams and dynamics 365.

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Microsoft and docker want to provide containers together in azure

Microsoft and Docker want to provide containers together in Azure

Microsoft and docker sell a new partnership. The focus is on the docker desktop to bring to microsoft azure and the visual studio products.

Docker desktop brings tools, functions and command line services that allow it to determine azure natively as a context. This allows containers in the cloud export. According to the examination, few commands range to take off containers in azure containers. Developers can use this product integration to create azure container instances (aci) and thus work without orchestration in isolated containers.

Docker desktop brings usable standard tools

For illustration, the following example serves from the article on the microsoft azure blog. It is easy to see on the transmission control protocol (tcp) based python game server application, which is already created on the local developer calculator with docker desktop and run. The application depends on a slim version of linux and other dependencies in requirements.Txt. The docker tools extension integrated in visual studio code allows easy commands builds and runs to docker desktop as well as a push to a private container registry in docker hub. The new 2-version of the windows subsytems for linux (wsl2) should be easier to implement.

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West coast customs and microsoft tunes a ford mustang

West coast customs and microsoft tunes a ford mustang

Redmond (usa), 13. April 2012 – microsoft and the us cult tuner west coast customs have a ford mustang with all sorts of modern high-tech. With him you can surf the internet or play xbox games. In view of the fulle of possibilities is quick: this ford is just a concept car, and that will stay that way.

Networked retro mobile

The micro-shelter looks like a modern sharing ford mustang fastback coupe from 1967. Only a replica sheet metal dress from dynacom over a recent copy of the us sports car was graded. In addition, the ford radiates in different places, such as the boiler grille and the rims, in a cool light.

Inside, there is the sound with a powerful audio system when needed. In the mustang, all sorts of systems are installed, which can be controlled either from the vehicle or via apps for the windows phone. On board the mustang, among other things, the game console xbox 360, whose camera-based operating system kinect, windows 8, windows phone, windows azure, bing and the partially speech-controlled infotainment system ford sync is a deputy. Everything turns around networking. The project is intended to inspire developers to develop apps and art automotive technologies.

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