Disney portal go in the network

Are you ready to go?

Portals are currently the Renner to win on the web strategic positions for the expected e-commerce. After Aol purchased Unlangst Netscape and its NetCenter, Disney went to the net with a new portal now. Now, Go is just a trial version, but at the beginning of the next year, the new access to the Internet will be officially opened if the bugs are eliminated.

The purchase of Starwave was preceded by the Microsoft Communist Paul Allen in April 1998 and a complicated deal with InfoSeek in June this year. Disney acquired a 43 percent share of the 900 million dollar-dollar search engine and added $ 90 million to Cash, daring InfoSeek over $ 150 million for the application of the new website in Disney offers spending. Even though Go with news, search options, stock prices, chat rooms, email, weather reports or personalization offers not much other as the other portals, such as Yahoo, AOL or MSN, offers just the possibilities of the Disney Group, for the new one Offer on broad and unuitable front also to advertise outside the network, considered attractive: "Disney guards ABC, and you can use the transmitter to apply the Go network", Says Bill Bass of Forrester Research. "Not only do you have television, but also film studios and theme parks. Go will be advertised in Disney World, Disney movies on Disney cruise ships. This is an advertisement that you can not buy."


Middle east: new spirit, new alliances?

Middle east: new spirit, new alliances?

The crude US military base and airbase al-Udeid in Qatar. Image: U.S. Department of Defense/general public domain

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar want to make reconciliation. The dispute arose with Trump’s anti-Iran front. What comes now?

What is the new Iran policy, what is the new Syria policy?? Biden is president and will replace Trump on the 20th. January lottery. Yesterday, the show still belonged to his followers, QAnon shamans like the Buffalo Guy, and other bizarre characters who stormed the Capitol (liveticker on the "Attempted coup" in Washington). The event was also top news in the Middle East. An event that was mockingly described by a Turkish journalist as a "political event" was relegated to the background "Love is in the Air" commented on: the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar; Egypt also played a role.


Dispute over digital secondary exploitation rights

Photographers’ association FreeLens was successful against SPIEGEL

In 1997, the photojournalists’ association FreeLens had sued SPIEGEL on behalf of members for republishing photos on CD-ROMs published year by year and sold at a stucco price of 150 marks, bypassing second-use rights, i.e. without paying royalties. SPIEGEL had refused to pay additional fees to the photographers for it.

In 1997, the Hamburg Regional Court rejected the complaint, because the user, i.e. SPIEGEL, could decide in favor of new technologies such as CD-ROMs without having to clarify copyright ies beforehand. The fact that there was no express written agreement between SPIEGEL and the photographers on the transfer of rights of use spoke in favor of the defendant.


Spanish ratios in germany

Hauslebauer now becomes dangerous variable interest rates and more and more busy suffering under fixed-term employment transactions

Largely unnoticed in the crisis in Germany, the terms of course break, which have played a role centrally at the outbreak or the compilation of the financial and economic crisis. For example, it is expected that the interest rate binding of mortgages is now significantly short and then it is over with the stability at the German real estate market. Temporary employment procedures celebrate as a prime. In 2009, every second new employment contract in Germany has already been concluded only limited. While these crisis catalysts spread, they work in the EU for three years unsuccessfully at an efficient financial supervision and continues to argue about a financial transaction tax.

Among other things, the variable real estate interest and the excessive temporary procurement that Spain sink so deep in the economic crisis (the absent Spain gives the EU prasidens). The country is from a high flight, especially powered by a construction room and a real estate bubble, deep into the cellar and the fourth grobned economy in the euro area is traded as a bankruptcy candidate. And that was easy to see, even if many long the Spanish "wonder" be celebrated as a model. The Spanish head of government even said three years ago, "Germany and Italy at the per capita income in two or three years" override.


Something happened in new york city

Something happened in new york city

Resistance 3 does not renew the idea of Vorganger – but extends it to the present day

The first part of the computer game "Resistance – Fall of Men" appeared at the same time as the console for which it was programmed exclusively as a "system seller": in 2007, on the PlayStation 3, you could return to the 1950s and see a world threatened not by the hydrogen bomb, but by mutants. The game got into trouble due to a religious background sequence and was patched by Sony. In the second part, the story was further paid in 2008 – the co-op mode was continued to the annoyance of many players. Now, in the third part, religion plays a role again – and fortunately for one or two players at a time.

The story of Joe Capelli takes place four years after the end of the second part: Capelli killed the hero of the first two parts, Nathan Hale, after he was infected with the virus of the aliens and began to mutate into one himself. This brought Capelli the dishonorable discharge from the army, because heroes are not killed. However, Hale served the good cause even after his death: From his blood Dr. Hale was able to create a new life form. Malikov developed a serum that would protect humans against the transformation into Chimeras – the name of the invaders. Stupid only that now only 10 percent of mankind was left and the aliens seem to be successful with their invasion also on conventional way.


Community against repression

Community against repression

Police presence at the G20 summit, July 2017. Photo: Thomas Kuhnert/CC BY-SA 4.0

Protests against tightening of right to demonstrate in wake of G20 proceedings extend beyond left-wing scene

Approximately 3000 people from all over the country gathered in Hamburg on Saturday afternoon under the motto Community Resistance – Solidarity against all Repression. The occasion was the start of the so-called Rondenbarg trial on 3. December before the Hamburg regional court.


Europe ruses against immigrants

Electronic wall of protection for the entire Mediterranean coast and a "European border police"

Spain announces extension of electronic border wall to entire Mediterranean coast after auberge regulation of immigrants. France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain want to establish a joint "European border police" build. France’s "Paperless" oppose the cooperation "War Machine", who were involved in the "action plan against illegal immigration" Mean.

It was not a coincidence that the Spanish Guardia Civil announced the extension of the electronic protective wall (Sive) on Wednesday (Electronic protective wall against immigrants). It happened at the beginning of a seminar in the Spanish city of Alicante, attended by representatives of 22 European countries and Europol. The meeting was held under the motto: "cooperation of maritime police and customs units". On this occasion, the Guardia Civil officer Francisco DIez Ticio announced the imminent extension of the protective wall to the entire Mediterranean coastline. The system in use in Spain consists of a combination of radar and various camera systems and other sensors for the early detection of boats (Fortress Europe: Example Spain).


Spain has a new escape with the rapper valtonyc

Spain has a new escape with the Rapper Valtonyc

For his songs, the Mallorquiner should take a prison sentence today, but he now wants to draw attention to the lack of freedom of expression in Europe in Europe

"Tomorrow is the day, then you will enter my apartment to throw me in the jail", wrote Josep Miquel Arenas yesterday, the "Valtonyc" is known. The Rap Sanger from Mallorca, today "Because of some songs" a three-half-year prison sentence should, wrote that "Spain, once again, will make it laughable". He also announced by Twitter: "I will not make it so easy for you, disobedience is legitimate and given this fascist state a duty. No one lists here."

What the left activist meant that "Majestate" and alleged "Glorification of terrorism" was convicted, is clear now. Despite his monitoring by the police, which he had previously made, the 24-year-old settled into exile. According to torture or political persecution due to torture or political persecution, the catalans and more political pursuing, a young Sanger also occurs for lack of freedom of expression and political persecution.


The lost honor of osman b.

The accusations against the "Terror Parchen of Heidelberg", Having planned attacks against U.S. facilities turned out to be the witness’s bubbles

The Heidelberg terrorist parachute was Osman P. and his girlfriend Astrid E. in September 2002 by the media. Both were arrested in their Walldorf apartment shortly before the anniversary of the double attack in New York and Washington. Speculation initially knew no bounds.

There was also speculation about links to Islamist terrorist groups and about a crude attack that the duo had planned against U.S. facilities in Heidelberg on the anniversary of the attacks. The defendants always vehemently denied the accusations, but initially received little attention from the media and the public. Shortly before the federal elections, conservative politicians used the case to accuse the German government of being too lax in its handling of the terrorist scene and to call for tougher laws.


Wish machine pop in space patrol design

Despite drug excesses and various separation smells Depeche Mode celebrate their twenty-fifth band anniversary in front of sold-out concert halls

The 1980s are generally regarded as a decade of stagnation, inertia, and "Rien ne va plus". ecological crises, a failed and emptying revolution, the spectre of a nuclear degradation of the earth – all this causes an end-time mood to spread. "Posthistoire" is the catchy formula for this standstill of time and movement, in which, according to observers, nothing essentially new will happen anymore.

wish-machine-pop in raumpatrouille-design

You’ll stumble in my footsteps If you try walking in my shoes