Climate protection a women’s issue?

Climate protection a women's ie?

Luisa Neubauer at the Europafest in Aschaffenburg, 2019. Photo: Andol/CC BY-SA 4.0

Young women can and must now save the world? Comment

Symbolic: Five women talk about climate protection in the chancellor’s office. In the international conference room of her office, the Chancellor receives four climate activists of the Fridays for Future(FFF) movement, the Swede Greta Thunberg, the two Belgians Anuna de Wever and Adelaide Charlier, and the German Luisa Neubauer. The topic is "The question of humanity’s survival", so Angela Merkel 2007 in Gronland in front of melting icebergs.


Fatal genetic research on humans

A respected American human geneticist is alleged to have caused the deaths of many Yanomami Indians in the 1960s as part of an experiment for the Atomic Energy Commission

What Patrick Tierney reports in his book "Darkness in El Dorado. How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon" which was published on 1. The book, which will be published in October, has not only caused excitement among anthropologists and ethnologists, but has also revived criticism of genetic research. Human geneticist James Neel, who died in February, was, in the words of Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, the "Father of the human genetics research field", but he also seems to have been someone who killed hundreds of people for research purposes or at least let them die.

James Neel was a professor at the Medical School of the University of Michigan and established the first Institute of Human Genetics at an American university in 1956. The board of directors of the Medical School, Allen S. Lichter, recognized Neel as "one of the most outstanding collaborators", that the university’s medical department has had in its 150-year history.


The nothing in mathematics

The nothing in mathematics

Although today we are confronted with the empty set already in school, its definition and its place in mathematics and philosophy has been disputed for centuries

It was in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War, when a mathematical concept reached something like full age and its final name: it is the empty set, represented by Ø, letter of the Danish and Norwegian alphabets. The new symbol became at one stroke the standard notation in set theory.

The proposal came from Andre Weil (1906-1998), a scientist from Strabburg and one of the most important members of the Bourbaki Group, an association of like-minded French mathematicians who took upon themselves the task of reformulating all of mathematics in a new and inexorably rigorous way. In the very first book on calculus, in the introduction of set theory1, Ø is defined as the empty part of a set, in order to explain the notation of sets "once and for all".2 generations of students at universities have since then fought a losing battle against the dryness and rigor of the all-too-many Bourbaki gangs.


Big brother – the real

CDU, CSU, SPD, GRONE and PDS work in the Bundeslandel to new police laws – goal: more video monitoring

Grusel stories about foreign countries Print German newspapers. Routing paragraph was found in early April a scary message from Singapore. There a family had been observed by the city by video camera because they threw their mull in the area. On the same day, a pilot project for video monitoring of school buses started in Brandenburg. Positive tenor of the few messages about it: so you can prevent destruction.

Brandenburg is just one example. At the beginning of May, the Interior Ministers Conference explained video monitoring unanimously "suitable means to protect the burgers more effective against criminal offenses". And to overwake. While the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Joachim Jacob still calls for a socio-political discussion and nationwide legislation, work as well as all state governments in new police laws and monitoring pilot projects.


Even small children do not believe in santa claus

Four-yearly can not be fooled anymore

The practical and social intelligence of children is happy to be understood. But you can not sell you all possible as a fact – you will seem of persons who are important for them, but they seem to think of their part.

In childhood, there are a lot of new information on the young brains. At first, children are understood hard to distinguish between reality and fiction. But quickly they learn that they sometimes tell them about familiar people sometimes – and already show much social intelligence.


The voices of the poor

A World Bank study wants to teach the West to listen.

A new World Bank study, published in book form by Oxford University Press, explores the causes and effects of poverty. In contrast to a large number of existing studies, this is the first time that an attempt has been made to listen to the people themselves. over 40.000 individuals in 50 countries were surveyed over a period of 10 years.

The report describes poverty as an "as a complex, multi-dimensional phenomenon". Usually described as a lack of material goods resulting in hunger, psychological factors, education, basic infrastructure problems, and the availability of goods are also taken into account. The result is that "Poverty" in the majority: there are many different forms of poverty, distinguished by the duration and severity of poverty, different local situations, family situations and influenced by the respective cultural, institutional and political context.


Theological label surf

Concordat teaching: The Undermigration of Philosophy, Sociology and Padagogy by Catholic Theology. An interview with Konrad Lotter

A concorded study chair is a chair that is not located in a theological faculty, but when casting the Catholic Church is still decisive influence, so the Vatican has definitely more than a word to Meitzuren. What is usually taught on these teachers without knowledge of the students is a spirit, social and educational science filtered by the Catholic Church, which is financed by state. While the public interest in the Christian religion is steady, the church has the uncrossed possibility of influence on research and teaching due to a contract between the Free State of Bavaria and the Holy Chair from 1924.

Paradoxically, you will have the right to train even those students who have not decided to study theology. A conversation with Konrad Lotter, philosopher and editor of the "contradiction. Munchner magazine for philosophy ", who in the context of the latest edition "Faith or reason. To the critique of religion" has researched the role of concordat teaching in Bavaria.


Again, a man killed and injured people indiscriminately in texas

Again, a man in texas killed and injured people at random


Shortly after, laws went into effect in Texas that further lowered already lax firearms regulations

Actually, police officers in Texas just wanted to stop a driver for not signaling left while making a turn. Whatever drove the 35-year-old man to fire a rifle back at the police car and then drive off, shooting at other cars and people. He then transferred to a postal delivery truck and was eventually fatally shot himself in front of a movie theater in Odessa. According to a report, a police officer discharged his weapon inside the vehicle.