Eu police wants to push through enfopol council decision

Document renamed, goals remain the same. America’s guiding hand becomes visible.

The latest version of the ENFOPOL 98 monitoring and surveillance plans was published this week in London. It turned out that although the name of the final document had been changed, the European Commission still wanted to make Internet surveillance an official European policy until the end of May. Despite strong opposition in Germany and Austria and harsh criticism in the European Parliament, the plan is printed through.

The new document was called ENFOPOL 19. Caspar Bowden of the Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR) has taken possession of the document and published it on the IFPR website.


Isil continues towards baghdad

Kurdish and shiite milizers should stop the Salafists

Kurdish militias from the north of Iraq have the 850.000-inhabitant city of Kirkuk occupied. Previously, the Iraqi army from there was fear of the Salafist terrorist group ISIL fled. In the area around Kirkuk, about a fiveft of the olreserves of Iraq. A referendum on the accommodation of the city to the Kurdish area has been moved again for seven years. Now the KurdenMilizen have created facts.

The Isil Salafists conquered the small town of Udhaim in the province of Diyala vaccinated by Kurds and Arabs, which is about 90 kilometers from the capital Baghdad. Again, government troops simply gave up their positions and retreated. 30 kilometers further towards Baghdad, in Diyals provincial capital Bakuba, an ISIL attack should have been repeated. Whether the Iraqi Army – as its guidance claimed – could recall the fallen tikrit on Thursday on Wednesday, is unclear.


On to new shores

The second identity from the Internet.

If you believe the e-mail that is currently being shipped in bulk, then the good old GDR is risen from ruins. but "Surfing @ bird.GDR" Does not respond and sent mails sent to the address immediately as a pre-delivered.

That may calm down. But what the e-mail promises, nevertheless sounds incredible: "Put a second pass and / or a new driver’s license? Election:"


Mh17: jit wants to have a witness for the launch of the buk rocket

MH17: Jit wants to have a witness for the launch of the buk rocket

Image: Bonanza Media

After the Hollandi secret service was not an application-proof BUK system near if the lactic documents are authentic, the JIT had at least very unilaterally constructed the prosecution

Has the joint investigation team (JIT), which to identify the guilty for the launch of the Malaysian passenger machine via the Ostukraine and claim against them, made a decisive step? In Russian and Ukrainian media was quickly picked up what the outgoing chief investigator Fred Westerbeke said in an interview with the US channel CBS. When asked if there are witnesses for the launch of the rocket on the MH17, Westerbeke replied: "Yes". But did not want to say if there are only one or more witnesses: "I was said, we have a witness."


Secret matter of secondary income

The new requirement to publish the perquisites of members of the Bundestag will be put on hold for the time being. Never-never day postponed

After considerable scandals about the involvement of various deputies with the RWE concern, where substantial payments had been accepted without any recognizable consideration, considerable prere was put on the deputies to now make their side activities more transparent (problems with hidden lobbyists).

As a result, the old Bundestag still managed to tighten the behavioral guidelines, which were laid down in a new order of business of the Bundestag. According to this, members of parliament who have more than 1.000 euros a month or more than 10.If a member of parliament earns more than 10,000 euros a year, he will report this to the president of the Bundestag, who will in turn publish the income. This was supposed to lead to greater transparency and a new basis of trust between the members of parliament and their employers, the voters.