Esa plans communication and navigation satellites around the moon

ESA plans communication and navigation satellites around the moon

The esa wants to span a communication and navigation network around the moon and has now commissioned two groups of companies to develop concepts for dafur. In view of various planned missions to the moon, the european space agency wants to make its contribution to the fact that it does not remain with one-time flights, but can be set up a permanent prasence on the moon.

If exploratory gates, spacecraft and other missions are no longer dependent on their own technique for position determination and communication with the earth, there was more space for other technology or the costs could be lensed, the esa buried the step. If the communication and position determination is provided, more esa member states can carry out their own missions.

So many possibilities

For years, the esa has called in the context of an initiative called "moonlight", what is particularly important for the art exploration of the moon. Satellite networks for communication with the earth and the location determination had switched out as a particularly priority. If such were in operation, space probes could land overall, telescopes are set up on the moon – even on the ground facing site. Esa even speculates via vr applications, where moon-rover could be controlled live from the earth. How to look like the existing satellite networks, two company groups should now work around the british company surrey satellite technology limited and to work around telespazio from italy.

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Bmw m3 in the ice tempo

Bmw m3 in the ice tempo

Laupheim, 15. April 2008 – the better is the good enemy – true to this motto tuner hamann of the already a nearly perfect bmw m3 has already adopted to make him even athletic and firmer against the production version.

20 hp more power

The first tuning level is increasing the standard values of the bmw eight cylinder from originally 420 to 440 hp and punched additional 25 newton meters (series: 400 newton meters) on the crankshaft for 1950 euros. This is achieved by an optimized motor map. In addition, the ex factory installed v / max limitation is canceled, which increases the highest speed to 300 km / h.

To tempo 320

Another power kit misses the bmw m3 up to 35 hp more, and after the conversion decrease there are additional 48 newton meters of torque available. With this power, the speedometer is only at speed 320 km / h to stand. An integral part of the performance kits designed for durability for the price of 8220 euros is a sports exhaust system. It is made of stainless steel, so that corrosion ingredient and includes metal catalysts as well as a medium and end silencer. Tailored to this is the fully optimized engine management.

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Farewell to the standard candles

One gamma-ray flash in space is not like another

When the universe is briefly illuminated by a gigantic flash, a star in a distant galaxy probably dies and a black hole is born. Immense amounts of energy are released and permeate the universe. Until now, astronomers believed that these gamma-ray flashes always released the same amount of gamma rays, but according to new research, they are not all so-called "standard candles", but coarser and smaller lights.

Nothing releases as much energy abruptly in space as a gamma ray burst (grb). The phenomenon was accidentally discovered by russian and american spy satellites in 1968. While searching for traces of above-ground nuclear weapons testing, the instruments detected a brief, very intense burst of gamma rays from deep space. Seven years ago, the origin of such a burst was located in a remote galaxy.

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Energy on the hook

Stuttgart, 20. November 2012 – the "european satellite navigation competition 2012", a competition initiated by esa (european space agency), gsa (european gnss agency), dlr (german center for aerospace) and nokia and other sponsors, has a local prize for the hesse region to the electromobilitatsproject "ebuggy".

This means that an idea is to be demanded, which sounds like a somewhat simple implementable variant of "better place": a short change of temporary akkus instead of long loading times and short ranges. For "better place" only an infrastructure with standardized vehicles as well as highly complicated exchange and warehousing technology. Ebuggy, on the other hand, leave the series-maby battery in the car and creates the possibility to hide a peer with battery to the vehicle. With support of the german federal ministry of economics and technology and partners as the fraunhofer institute ipa and the university of stuttgart, the ebuggy gmbh has built a prototype of the appendix. Your goal is to develop the battery standards and relay stations and an international ebuggy network with subsidiaries.

Coarse-bearing change stations along the highways for a pretty rough number of hangers with corresponding loading facilities must be created and in addition to a logistically extended system of random and compensation transport, so that individual stations can not be bleeded. Just make yourself before, in munchchen the ecartec zoom and a hundred participants want to use their e-mobile on the highways. The cornering point for "european satellite navigation competition "is that the planned trailer fleets need a satellite navigation solution with which the movements of the fleet can be monitored in real time.

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Bmw does not build new hydrogen cars for the time being

Bmw waives in the race for alternative drive techniques up to further on the construction of other hydrogen vehicles. "There will be no new hydrogen test fleet for the time being", said bmw development board klaus draeger handelsblatt. "We continue to work in technology", added draeger.

A bmw speaker supplemented on request from dpa, hydrogen remain a long-term alternative next to the electric drive. "For example, we are researching a tank from which hydrogen does not curve so fast." a new fleet currently brand new findings. The drive technology itself, important above all the question of efficient storage of the extremely cursive gas.

Bmw currently works like other manufacturers with high prere at an electric car to meet climate protection requirements in the eu and the usa. Bmw boss norbert reithofer also demands more state demand in this area. The munchner are planning the first model under the project name "project i" a four-seat pure electric vehicle to come to the market in the first half of the next decade.

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Bmw delivers from 2012 engines to saab

As bmw has confirmed today, the bavarian car maker will deliver from 2012 engines to saab. The four-cylinder engine "with state-of-the-art fuel-saving technology" is for a new series of sweden. The engine, the start-stop automatic as well "further measures for emission and consumption reduction" the bmw group is mounted in the english engine plant in hams hall.

During order volume and financial details "satisfies agreed" became, we could learn from a bmw spokesman for the planned motorization. Accordingly, it is a variant of the four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 1598 cm3, as he has been installed since marz in the mini cooper s. In the new saab the downsizing engine should afford the 200 hp.

The 1.6-liter engine is currently one of the most modern constructions of its kind in the market. It combines direct injection with a so-called twin scroll turbocharger and the valvetronic, a variable valve lift adjustment that allows throttle-free load control. In the case of mini cooper s with its 184 hp and 240 to 260 nm, bmw indicates a nefz consumption of 5.8 liters, which corresponds to a co2 outlet of 136 g / km.

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Omnisec: other swiss company sold manipulated enciphering gates

Omnisec: Other Swiss company sold manipulated enciphering gates

The cryptoleaks affare became known that the swiss company crypto ag has sold unsafe closure gates. As now known, another swiss crypto company has apparently delivered such devices – and even inland. These have been researching three swiss media organs.

Competitor of crypto ag supplied manipulated fax gates

The fact that it apparently gave a second provider of such weak cipher gates has already been indicated on the short press conference of the parliamentary business lending delegation (gpdel) without a name or details being mentioned. Now show research: the company omnisec is to be supplied as a competitor of the now saturated-breeding crypto ag in the mid-2000s several swiss security authorities with manipulated fax devices.

The two used swiss intelligence services were affected: the strategic intelligence service (snd) and the domestic intelligence service service for analysis and pravention (dap). The two organs were fused later for today’s community service of the federal (ndb). According to research, manipulated devices also bought the coarse bank ubs (and another coarsehood that is still unknown). This now reported the "round show" swiss television (srf), the weekly newspaper (woz) and the online magazine republic.

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Chip trap: “solid production content of semiconductors in europe massively”

Chip trap:'produktionsanteil an halbleitern in europa massiv erhohen''produktionsanteil an halbleitern in europa massiv erhohen'

Germany and europe have to clearly replete in microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing and catch up with opposite sudostasian states and the usa again. For more complex logical circuits (advanced cmos) and memory technologies games the old continent "currently almost no role anymore", monated christoph kutter, director of the fraunhofer facility for microsystems and hestkorper technologies (emft), on friday at the presentation of the position paper "hidden electronics ii" of the electrical engineering and it association vde.

China lays after

In 2014, the share of europe on this global chip market still amounted to ten percent, 2019 only eight percent, the author of the publication succeeded. Overall, europe comes with the semiconductor production exclusion to a quota of under funf percent. In contrast, the central government in beijing with the program "made in china 2025" laid a strong focus on the semiconductor industry, the production settlement is thus massively required. The chinese grabbed the power electronics and sensors with, in germany and the eu still strong.

For cutters and the vde is thus: "we need a master plan ‘electronics for europe’". So far, there are only individual programs such as the newly set up in december european dead institute for "projects of common european interest" (ipcei) microelectronics, but "no systematic procedure". The vde prasidium member pladated here for one "industrial policy without black and woman think". The state should play an important role and take money in hand, but a planned economy is not in demand.

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Ehighway for truck: transport minister moves positive balance

Ehighway for truck: Transport Minister moves positive balance

Almost a year after the start of the test track with overhead lines on the motorway 1 between reinfeld and lubeck, schleswig-holstein’s transport minister bernd buchholz (fdp) pulled a positive interim balance. The field trial has shown in about 1000 circulation of the test vehicle that the route was suitable, the minister of the dpa. "There are a few small defects that have to be improved, but in the rough and large, the project."

On the fun kilometer long test track commutes a hybrid truck of the reinfelder spedition bode several times daily between reinfeld and the luberfer hafen. In this case, a top line supplies the vehicle with electricity. The attempt financed by the federal environment ministry should show whether the overhead control technology is good for good-speed traffic in germany and how the technology affects the environment.

Still too early for results

"For statements, it is still too early," says elisabeth niehaus by the research and development center fachhochschule kiel, which the project accompanies scientifically. "While there are first data from the various measuring systems from the vehicle and at the plant, but they are not evaluated yet," niehaus said. So far, the forwarding company is still on the way with only one hybrid tread on the route, until the end of marz 2021 will be delivered another four vehicles.

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Chevrolet malibu eco: fit saver version starts in early 2012

Chevrolet malibu eco: fit saver version starts in early 2012

New york city (usa), 21. April 2011 – chevrolet is on the new york international auto show (22. April to 1. May 2011) the malibu eco with start-stop automatic and brake energy recovery (recuperation). At that of gm "assist" if necessary, the internal combustion engine is supported by an electric motor, which also works as a generator.

182 hp gasoline …

The eco version of the malibu has a 182 hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a six-speed automatic. The dohc engine works with a benzine direct injection and has continuous variable valve timing onto on and outlet side. The gasoline is combined with the so-called easasist technology, which should be offered from the beginning of 2012 in malibu eco. At the gm partnership brand buick, the easassin system already comes up with the market: in the lacrosse from summer 2011 and on the shelf from the end of 2011.

… Plus 15-horsepower electric motor

In the easassin system, lithium-ion batteries and an electric machine allow the regenerative braking as well as a start-stop function. The lithium-ion batteries work with 115 volts voltage. To load them, the electric machine in generator operation can supply up to 15 kw power. As a electric motor, it supports the internal combustion engine when accelerating up to 11 kw (15 hp) power. The battery and power electronics are housed in the trunk. The electric machine is connected via a belt drive with the motor.

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