Which calendar is valid in space

The mars exploration rover’s early anniversary points to continuing colonialist tendencies in spaceflight

The media celebrated the service anniversary of the us mars rovers spirit and opportunity with gross self-indulgence at the beginning of the year. Five years ago the robots landed on the red planet and are still active, a nasa press release said. The original estimated duration of three months had been exceeded by a factor of twenty. This was then also reflected in all articles in such a way. No one seemed to wonder why the earth calendar was used for an anniversary celebration on mars.

Rover spirit shows itself in its shadow. Image: nasa

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Wire spoke act

Wire spoke act

Las palmas (e), 20. February 2015 – fruher hieb enduro: "gelandal motorcycle with low weight, long spring trails and a robust suspension". The engine power scratched in extreme cases at the 50-hp brand, but it has reached the spab in the grandfather and the sahara tour. Today, most of them under "enduro" understand a giant travel iron, much too unwieldy fur courses real bands. Like the suvs on the car market, they have been booming for years and the manufacturers bidding each other with ever new models. The youngest sensation in terms of travel enduro comes from ktm.

At the time reference class

Ironically, the easter-rich brand, whose slogan "ready to race" has brought her forward in the sports enduro and motocross area, brings a travel company to the market, which could become a mabboat in terms of performance, electronics and comfort.

With the 1190 adventure, ktm has been an impressive 150-horsepower bike at the start for two years, which hardly wan. Now the brand wants to show what’s going on. The 1290 super adventure is like the porsche cayenne turbo s among the motorcycles: incredible a lot of power, but thanks to chunky electronics lamb fram and subequem. Unless the driver lays down to explore his limits (almost always below the possibilities of the vehicle), then the device develops an incredible momentum. The 75-degree v2 engine with 1301 cm3 of the super adventure has piston in saucers dimensions and comes from the ktm 1290 super duke, which bears the potted names "the beast".

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You can not look twice on the same google maps

You can not look twice on the same Google Maps

Google strongers the use of artificial intelligence in the search, on google photos, shopping service and google maps. The data company was explored on tuesday to open the developer conference google i / o. This leads to changes in use on most android advocates, of which more than three billion actively used in circulation are. At the map service google maps, the first hit in five changes.

Google maps tries to see what the user was allowed to interest particularly. And these amptions depend on whether the mobile phone is in the usual environment or on a journey, and what hour it has beaten. So in the morning, caffeine, in the evening rather rather alcohol cutouts are displayed.

Travelers drains google maps in the future excessive sights. Parallel tries to find out the group in which hotel’s hotel has risen. The assistant is constantly reading the user’s gmails and is also looking for booking supports. Notes on the gehorse to the hotel should then be displayed in live view.

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Stuttgart, 19. May 2016 – travel enduros are testenduros, because they are sacking. That was always my view until i finally drove the honda crf 1000 l africa twin. So many of these stories are running, in which a worldview is corrected. This is not here. Honda’s resurrection project of the coarse name "africa twin" pulled a dubbed hype behind himself, that we did not expect less than the redefinition of a genre. This motorcycle does not create that. The africa twin has become what the travel company has been desirable, and that is sufficiently. So here is a jewelter test of someone who could not find in the material no cause for the hype. For the time being, we have to ame that he is greeted in the name, in the well-developed vehicle, in the successful marketing and perhaps the design, which is considered much less on a segmented as a segment.

Memory of a good old acquaintance

My first ascent of africa twin, following "at" covered, reminded me of a good old acquaintance within milliseconds: the old tranny, hondas transalp. So you sitting a bit like a well padded toilet, with the fans wide front on a remarkably low seat. You can catch the seat of high and there is a higher bench, which a 197 cm gross colleague at his continuous tester immediately did to accommodate his long rates. There is also a deeper bench, honda offers staggered seats from 800 to 900 mm. The tranny was a good crawl, which stands as a model far above in the world’s handlown, because it is reliable, easy to drive, robust and some hubs spread. Only she was just a pretty fat soothing pig, and at this point honda has started at the at first: more ground clearance.

Wish lists of the republic

Unfortunately, that did not work with "less weight" some, but the mass was simply pushed upwards. The at weighs with abs 232 kg fully filled with the extremely recommended double-clutch transmission dct it will be 242 kg. So it is mass-related the league of the bmw r 1200 gs, only with less capacity. Of course, you can drive in the grand country, self-reliable makes that spab. Until you smash the ranger, in real landing an event of probability 1. Most are only doing what every strain motorcycle experienced in the alps: strahe and schotterpiste. Let’s be the discussion, whether you need it or not, we had to the genuoy, it guides anywhere else. People want to buy, bumms, finished. The africa twin gathers the strong of the transalp, she boosts with a stronger engine, off-road geometry and modern electronics, packed in the chic rally wrote paper, which meets directly the wish lists of the republic.

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Bmw driver eats child!

Bmw driver eats child!

There is actually just a good recipe against the area of the area: one charged the person panel of the broken knives into the garden and shows you that you do not eat children, but cake. This recipe has been pursuing bmw motorrad for 14 years with the "bmw motorrad days" (bmd), as famous under the name "bmw bikermeeting", with which the event 2001 went to the start and is still sometimes called so – probably because of it the better notice of stress. The bmd always takes place on the first july weekend in garmisch-partenkirchen at the hausberg, which corresponds in about the garden. It’s natural the bmw fans. But there are all other motorcyclists types. And who is there for the first time, mostly steadily steads a bit: the food yes no children. But cake.

My first time to the bmw coffee and cake (and beer) wreath was 2005. That’s been back for ten years now. I drove to suden with a fresh driver’s license and a fresh set of prejudices. These bmw drivers! Bah. And then motorcycle meetings! Even more bah. Because on motorcycle meetings, as i knew it so far, all participants had to meet the topic of the meeting under the highest tension of the pathetic presentation muscles. "We are all the dark rockers" for example, or "each of us is the best motorcyclist from us". Something leads to very painful playing muscle caters in unchecked motorcycle streets. For gluck it was in garmisch different.

No grim jobberists

Probably the event is no longer "bikermeeting" because she was never that. A bikermeeting is a burger bratle, which is besieged by grimly the display muscles adiposes americans with their jobbrn. Bmw organizes a multicultural garden party (bmg?To). Garmisch is very favorable to mix cultures. Italian bmw clubs come across the alps, as well as slovenians or easter, and from the flat north, germans travel to schue bayern. It is a few kilometers to the capital of munchen, so that a rough beer tent festival like this is a potential target group of virtually every beer drinker, so in bavaria around 100 percent of the population. Therefore, families with children and dogs are strolling out the place, try trial-driving, sit on motorraders, an okulus rift glasses can be set up for a recorded ride on a ninette, eating grillhendl with fries and singing in the evening at the campfire together the pippi longstocking song.

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Cyberspace is still uncharted territory. Independence declarations and cowboys formulating in the data space show that clearly. By its very existence, the electronic space is redefining economic structures and promises new virtual territories that will "digital territories". The question is how these economic and political developments affect our interpretations of global information. How do these information flows affect real life conditions?

Pop~tarts interprets the emergence of new data areas based on the theories of saskia sassen, professor of urban planning at columbia university, and demonstrates them with artistic internet projects.

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Algorithm for geographical localization of criminals

A computer program is to help in the search for the mysterious sniper in maryland

A computer program is now to help in the identification and capture of the sniper who randomly shot seven people and wounded two others in the us state of maryland and the surrounding area. The rigel analyst software from environmental criminology research works on the principle of the "geographic profiling" and was developed by former canadian police officer kim rossmo, who is now director of research at the washington-based police foundation and is advising investigators in the present case.

algorithm for the geographic localization of criminals

Image: ecri

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