Oko? Logically!

oko cultivation could become the standard in the future. Only the gross hunger for meat still stands in its way, however

The seemingly deep ideological divide between organic and intensive farming is getting shallower and shallower in reality. can completely prevail "oko" but only if we all eat less meat.

When the forefathers of organic agriculture developed their farming methods in the 1940s, they thought very much in terms of the soil. Their goal was to improve soil quality – without manure, pesticides or herbicides. In the meantime "oko" has become a worldview, the gap to high-tech agricultural methods seems almost unbridgeable. But even the hardliners of intensive farming seem to be gradually coming to terms with one or the other method of the organic faction. In the current ie of the magazine, several Nature reporters focus on the broad field of organic farming.


Germany trend: 60 percent are worried

Germany trend: 60 percent are worried

Migration policy remains "most important political problem". The growing urgency of climate policy and environmental protection is also reflected in the survey, which also reflects signs of confident expectations

Immigration remains the most important ie in the perception of the Germans. How politics deals with the questions of migration and integration still ranks as the "Most important political problem" at the top, as reflected in the current ARD Germany trend.

Climate policy and environmental protection are the second most important political problems for those surveyed. Although the ie, which has been thrust into the public consciousness over the past six months with a sense of urgency, has become significantly more important, for 31 percent of 1.006 German citizens who were interviewed and selected as representatives, immigration policy is even more urgent at the moment. Climate policy was the number one topic for 27 percent of them.


Deadly witch slippers

The anti-plastic tute pope

In April 2002, a dead minke whale was spooled onto the coast of Normandy. In his stomach they found 800 kg of plastic rods, including two rods from English supermarkets. This noted a scientific report uber "Long-term effects of plastic turds on the marine environment".

Deadly witch slurpers



The triumph of the uncoverers and eu critics

Dutch and Austrians vote for more transparency in EU, British send EU opponents to Strasbourg

Confidence in the European Union is waning in the old member states and does not even seem to be emerging in many of the accession countries. Lists critical of EU made substantial gains in European Parliament elections. Austria and the Netherlands, in turn, are sending whistleblowers on EU abuses to Strasbourg.

In almost all EU countries, the respective national governments were punished. This is a significant result of the EU elections that should give pause for thought, especially since it was obviously not possible to convey to the voters that it is about the composition of the European Parliament and not about national ies.


The stuff of conflict

How and why the Muslim headscarf is polarizing

There are only three verses in the Koran concerning the clothing of the Muslim woman, and they are vaguely formulated. Yet conservative and even more so fundamentalist streams of Islam argue in favor of the hijab, i.e. the headscarf or the veil, as if the allegedly God-given commandment to wear the veil were the sixth pillar of Islam. A book by Sabine Berghahn and Petra Rostock shows with scientific precision and multiple "aha" effects what the "headscarf controversy" in its various forms is all about, how Islamic feminism differs from Western feminism, and why all of this is an ie for society as a whole.

If we are to believe a number of more or less self-proclaimed futurologists such as Matthias Horx or John Naisbitt, the Internet has been the "Megatrend women". This means that women are not only gradually conquering all the male bastions, but that the subject of women is also dominating the scientific, political and literary stages. Although striking statements of this kind usually obfuscate rather than illuminate, in a certain sense this "trend" does apply to "the" Muslim woman.


Lower bonds, higher leans, more design

More and more municipalities are trying to correct the privatization wave’s degrees developments – and discover themselves again as an employer

"Private is not automatically better and cheaper", The Bremen Finanzstatsrat Dieter Mutzelburg stated in November 2008 and merged the establishment of an institution of public law on the occasion. With the help of "Real estate Bremen" Should the "Share of foreign purification in public service" be significantly reduced. But the burgerhood and state rates were also the securing of workplaces and a laceable cost reduction.

By the merger of GBI (company for Bremer Real Estate), GTM (building and technology management Bremen) and FMB (Facility Management Bremen) "Real estate Bremen" If 1.3 million euros were saved year for year, Mutzelburg expected. Finally, GBI and FMB are as "Companies with criminal liability" – Unlike an institution public law – obliged to pay the VAT. Today, the focus is on about 2.000 building and managed in addition to the town hall as well as police departments, court and bureauces as well as schools, children’s day homes and sports.