The votes that actually pay have not yet been cast

On 13. December, the electors in the USA will vote

In Ohio, a new payout is rejected on the grounds that the first payout wasn’t even done yet. Burger rights activists such as Jesse Jackson are over the moon, because "Ohio determines the outcome of the presidential election, but the state hasn’t even finished counting the votes yet." What Jackson doesn’t know: The elections for the presidency in the USA haven’t even taken place yet. The re-election of Bush will not be legally binding until the 13th. December, when the electors cast their votes. The referendum on 2. The November ballot, in fact, only served to shape the mood of the electorate, since the electors are not obliged to vote in the same way as the electors they actually represent. And the experts are sure: Although Bush’s lead in Ohio is 17.000 votes less than originally estimated, there will be no more votes before the 13. December will probably not give a new payout.

On 13. December 2004 the hammer falls: The President of the USA is elected. So nothing is decided yet. In 2000, everyone was looking at the U.S. Constitutional Court, which was accused of deciding the elections instead of the people. Nothing of the sort has happened, however. The court has rather provided for rest and stopped a new disbursement. But only the "Electoral College" (Electoral College) has decided the outcome. The only question is: in the name of the people or instead of them??


Double standards on the european sky

Double standards on the European sky

Government machine from Bolivia. His status did not help Morales 2013 either. Image: JuanrogerleonPoma, CC BY-SA 3.0

EU and NATO Erbost Uber forced landing of civiline machine in Minsk. In the case of a similar incident 2013 they were silent. At that time, Bundnispartner were responsible

The forced landing of a Ryanair machine in Belarus seems to have been a planned action in accordance with this media information in order to be available to the government-critical blogger Roman Protaswitsch. Dimensions and possible consequences of this incident must undoubtedly clarified.


Implantable chips for identification

In a slimmed version comes now "Digital angel" on the market

Ideas are developed many how safety improves and greatly enhance the monitoring. After the 11.9. If appropriate proposals can also be better enforced, and some companies that are in the security industry expect a golden future. This also meets Applied Digital Solution with yours "Digital angel" to. First of all, you had had the long-confident implantable GPS chip Klammhimlich disappear and set to products such as wristwatches or necklands for dogs sending the organization and localization data (the digital angel is there). In the current mood situation and in the face of the bad business, however, it is now forced again chip that people can be used under the skin, but still without the GPS receptionist and a transmitter.

Since September, the world is different, at least what the willingness is concerned, to broaden over monitoring and accept them. As Applied Digital Solution (ADS) once acquired the patent for the implantable chip with GPS receptionist for localization and transmission of biodates of the Trager, one still thought so that in addition to applications in the medical field or for hazardous groups of persons, primarily a false-proof identification possibility for the Buy purchasing as a replacement of credit cards or other identifications (the digital angels come). Only recently) was ridden by the company that one wants to carry out with the chips tests to people. The brillion were but right.


Life in climate change

Living in a changing climate

Jorg Phil Friedrich is on 22. January guest in the Telepolis Salon, talking about the time after climate change

It is an illusion to continue to believe that man-made climate change can still be stopped or at least mitigated to the extent that mankind could settle down in it somewhat unscathed. The last climate summit again made it clear that the non-binding climate targets agreed in Paris can be achieved, saving us from a climate catastrophe.

Even though climate scientists and earth system scientists are able to develop ever more precise scenarios of how the climate and the living conditions of humans may change in which areas of the earth, no one can predict what exactly will actually happen. If the climate change with its consequences will occur as expected at present, it would be high time to dedicate oneself to the future of the survival of humans on earth from a realistic perspective.


Klaus schwab: “now imagine a billion people all heading north”

Klaus schwab:'jetzt stellen sie sich eine milliarde menschen vor, die alle nach norden gehen'

WEF founder and President Professor Klaus Schwab in Davod village, where the meeting is taking place. Image: World Economic Forum/ Mettler/License: CC-BY-SA-NC-2.0

The head of the World Economic Forum quickly discovers the connection between falling commodity prices and refugees and warns: "We are all in the same boat"

The World Economic Forum, which wants to improve the world, is above all the doer and networker Klaus Schwab, who annually brings together the powerful on earth to a kind of summit to discuss important political and economic ies. One could say naturally also, in order to offer to those, which want to pay themselves to the economic and political elite, a stage in the world of the parallel society of the rich and powerful ones.


Makes facebook fat?

According to U.S. scientists, the interaction with close friends on Facebook raises self-satisfaction in such a way that self-control is weakened

Bad news for Facebook users. Those who communicate a lot with good friends via the social network are said to be at greater risk of getting fatter and incurring more debts, US scientists want to have found out.

As they write in the Journal of Consumer Research, this is a peculiar self-enhancement effect. Those who have a lot to do with other people and especially with close friends on Facebook, their self-confidence and well-being increases, but with it their self-control decreases. And that is why the happy Facebook users were not born out of loneliness, but precisely out of the experienced sociability, after the use of which they eat more unhealthy things. Those who spend a lot of time on social networks also tend to be fatter – and credit card debt is also higher.


Manover with nato soldiers in west ukraine without end

Manover with NATO soldiers in West Ukraine without end

Prasident Petroshenko thanks on the airport Lviv for the radar gates. Image: others

Since the change in power in Kiev 2013, the number of manobs in Ukraine has increased rapidly with the participation of NATO soldiers. The US delivered two mobile radar gates for the Ukrainian army

On Monday was solemnly opened on the Joryowski Troop Office, in the most exploratory west of Ukraine, a new manover. At the manover, according to the notification of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense "until 2017" should continue to train five Ukrainian battalions together with soldiers from NATO states.


Barbarians at the gates?

Battle of consoles: the psychological war carrying of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

The E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is the most important industry event. Because there is a significant part, so to speak, the investment climate for the following video game year is shaped. For consumers, developers, publishers, media falls a first decision here what their time and their money deserves and what not. Whether the resulting impresses really are appropriate to the finished products is no matter. They are stuck a frame under which the products are perceived later. For the next generation round in "Battle of the consoles" – to go this winter in the heading phase, if according to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 now also Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendos Wii (formerly: Revolution) to come into the store – was therefore the E3 once again an important battlefield in terms of psychological war.

Barbarians at the gates?

Image: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion