West coast customs and microsoft tunes a ford mustang

West coast customs and microsoft tunes a ford mustang

Redmond (usa), 13. April 2012 – microsoft and the us cult tuner west coast customs have a ford mustang with all sorts of modern high-tech. With him you can surf the internet or play xbox games. In view of the fulle of possibilities is quick: this ford is just a concept car, and that will stay that way.

Networked retro mobile

The micro-shelter looks like a modern sharing ford mustang fastback coupe from 1967. Only a replica sheet metal dress from dynacom over a recent copy of the us sports car was graded. In addition, the ford radiates in different places, such as the boiler grille and the rims, in a cool light.

Inside, there is the sound with a powerful audio system when needed. In the mustang, all sorts of systems are installed, which can be controlled either from the vehicle or via apps for the windows phone. On board the mustang, among other things, the game console xbox 360, whose camera-based operating system kinect, windows 8, windows phone, windows azure, bing and the partially speech-controlled infotainment system ford sync is a deputy. Everything turns around networking. The project is intended to inspire developers to develop apps and art automotive technologies.

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Report: trial subscription for apple tv + are required

Apple has decided to extend its one-year apple tv + -probobo for builders of macs, iphones, ipads and apple tv boxes for three more months. This reports the apple blogger rene ritchie on twitter. According to its information, the trial phase does not run as expected at the end of october 2020, if you have started this directly at the start in november 2019. Instead, the subscription continues until the end of january 2020 for free.

Goodwill because of 2020

The goodwill shows apple according to ritchie due to the events of the year 2020. "Principle are free up to three months." father started trial phases are apparently also defining: who, for example, on 15. Completed november 2019, looks up to 15. February 2021 for free. Paying customers apparently also benefit: you should be reimbursed from november to february each month of the month, which lies in 5 us dollars (5 euros). Users are apparently getting codes that you can then use in the app store and other apple services.

Currently it is still unclear whether the offer applies worldwide or only in the us – however, it would be unusual when apple has made a restriction on its own service tv + here.

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India is the poor man’s pharmacy…

…As long as the pharmaceutical lobby allows it: planned eu-india free trade agreement threatens access to cheap medicines

The planned free trade agreement between the eu and india puts indian generic drug producers in conflict with the western pharmaceutical lobby. Many aid organizations fear that supplying the poorest with cheap aids drugs could become increasingly difficult.

India is the poor man’s pharmacy. Over the past 20 years, the country has increasingly become one of the most important producers of affordable medicines. Indian generics producers have become one of the most important players in this multi-billion dollar market. Especially the production of aids drugs is of particular importance for the country. India has one of the highest rates of new hiv infections in the world.

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Drumfire for new economic stimulus programs

While russia and china want a new guiding currency, the usa, great britain and japan are calling for new economic stimulus programs

Last night in london, the world financial summit began with a reception hosted by queen elizabeth ii. Before which there were violent clashes between protesters and police. Protesters broke windows at the bank of england and a branch of the royal bank of scotland and entered the latter. Police surrounded more than 1000 protesters. There were numerous arrests.

At the meeting, the heads of state and government of the 20 most important industrialized and emerging countries (g20) want to discuss measures to overcome the financial and economic crisis and lay the foundation for a new financial architecture. Rough hopes should not be cherished. Unity is invoked in the face of the crisis, but power struggles rage and concepts are lacking. The disagreement is so gross that france has already threatened to leave early.

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Internet companies: online advertising is also without tracking

Internet companies: Online advertising is also without tracking

In an open letter, 14 long-established internet companies have called for an end to the monitoring-based advertisement. To the signatories nextcloud, proton technologies, duckduck go and startpage / startmail.

The companies can thus be an initiative of consumer organizations, burger rights groups and privacy experts. The calls for anchoring a prohibition of monitoring-based advertising in the planned digital services act of the eu.

Counteract monopoly tendencies

The signatories of the open letter illuminate the problem not only from the point of view of privacy and privacy, but also bring competitive aspects. Thus, monitoring-based advertising has been solidifying the position of already dominant companies, while this monopoly position in conjunction with complex supply chains and ineffective technology leads to sales pits at advertisers and providers of content.

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These are the most valuable cars

German cars are particularly valuable on the used car market, it says the new edition of the scrap automobile index (sax). The sax is published in the current seed dialogue, the customer magazine of eurotax tail. The roadster, tightly followed by the railing wagon / suvs, proved to be the most valuable vehicle class. Lower-class limousines, on the other hand, lost the most strongest value.

The small car segment leads the mini from bmw. If he reached the highest residual value of the used cars observed in the sax half a year with 81.5% of the new car value, this number has now even increased to 82.2%. After two years and 30.000 km total run performance loses only 17.8% of its new car price of the sporty lifestyle car.

The suvs is the bmw x3 with a residual value of 79.4% in front. The same applies to the upper middle class: how had the bmw 5er leads to both sedanes as well as touring the ranking, this time at 70.5% and with 73.8% in the station wagon. In the middle class, the c-class leads from mercedes-benz. As a limousine she reaches 67.5%, behind it the audi a4 and the bmw 3 series. As a t model, the c-class comes to 67.1% and is therefore still before the competitors mazda 6 and the audi a4 avant. In the lower middle class, the audi a3 with a sales value of 72.2% of the current "top performers" is.

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Alternative trackpad folio for the ipad pro

Alternative trackpad folio for the iPad Pro

Anyone looking for an alternative to apple’s in-house magic keyboard for the ipad pro can now be found at logitech. The accessory specialist has introduced its own keyboard hull including trackpad for apple’s professional tablet with the folio touch, which are some advantages of the "original" has.

2018 and 2020 vintage usable

Currently only available in a variant for the ipad pro with 11 inches – whether a 12.9-inch version appears, initially unclear – the device is connected by means of apple’s proprietary smart connector interface. Therefore, the folio touch does not require its own battery, and a bluetooth connection does not have to be established. Compatible is the keyboard with ipad pro tablets from the years 2018 and 2020.

The folio touch is structured differently than the magic keyboard. So there is a separate stick to unfold to the ipad – it "hover" not. The kick stand can be adjusted at an angle of 40 degrees. The folio touch can be operated in four modes: "notebook"-mode, view mode (keyboard is below, for video z.B.), character mode (for work with the apple pencil) and in read mode (keyboard completely folded backwards).

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Ransomware: cyber attack on temporary employment agency randstad

The internationally operating temporary employment agency randstad has become victim of a cyber attack by the egregor group, the company’s servers with ransomware infected and now published data.

Randstad makes cyber attack public

On thursday, the 3. December 2020, randstad announced that ‘short-term’ a cyber attack to the company it took place. Once this attack was noticed on the it networks, the company has activated the existing emergency tarpaulins for the it systems for such trap. An internal incident response team incorporated the work invisible and added external cyber safety and forensics experts to investigate and resolve the incident.

The company indicates that global males were taken immediately in order to protect the attack and at the same time protect the systems, drain and data from randstad. It is asserted that only a limited number of servers was affected. The systems of the company were continuing without interruption, there was no business interruption.

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Greenpeace for e-buses and higher diesel tax

Greenpeace for e-buses and higher diesel tax

The environmental protection organization greenpeace proposes to convert the public bus fleet in germany to electric drives instead of paying purchase premiums for electric cars. Greenpeace transport expert daniel moser told the german press agency "deutsche presse-agentur" that seven billion euros could be used for this purpose if the current tax rebate for diesel fuel were abolished german press agency. "Not only does this improve the air quality in germany, it also saves far more, two million tons of co2, than a purchase penalty for e-cars could do."

However, this leaves a few things unmentioned. Many cities have been running their bus fleets on natural gas rather than diesel for years. A reduction in diesel subsidies could also be a signal to many commuters to switch back from diesel to gasoline engines, which could increase co2 emissions considerably more than a conversion of the bus fleet from natural gas to electricity. The proposal was also likely to be politically difficult to implement.

Tomorrow, tuesday, german chancellor angela merkel will meet with the ceos of volkswagen, daimler and bmw to discuss the ie of electric mobility. In order to stimulate demand, which is still weak, government subsidies of 5,000 euros per electric car are becoming more likely. According to spiegel, however, there are also plans to involve the auto industry in the process. "A subsidy of 5,000 euros is the right thing to do if it is sensibly financed. We propose to use overpowered gas guzzlers for refinancing," said grunen faction leader anton hofreiter to the dpa. "This would be a real traffic turnaround: require those who contribute to better air for all – make those who pollute the most contribute."

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Algorithm for geographical localization of criminals

A computer program is to help in the search for the mysterious sniper in maryland

A computer program is now to help in the identification and capture of the sniper who randomly shot seven people and wounded two others in the us state of maryland and the surrounding area. The rigel analyst software from environmental criminology research works on the principle of the "geographic profiling" and was developed by former canadian police officer kim rossmo, who is now director of research at the washington-based police foundation and is advising investigators in the present case.

algorithm for the geographic localization of criminals

Image: ecri

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